August 5th, 2009


TEA POT!!!!!!



  1. swiggy

    get her, scientist! GET HER!

  2. Amy

    Someone save the cookies!

  3. mahgad

    get a piece of that action mr scientist! I’ve warmed it up for ya!

    Go hard s0n!

  4. Naura

    OH NOES!

  5. Tigergulp

    Oh great, now whose going to clean up that mess? *throws up hands*

  6. Amanda

    Now that Chester has his other hand free now, he can clean up the mess :)

  7. Luzie

    she will get some blue marks on her legs for sure ^^ but i´m sure she doesn´t mind…

  8. A.

    It’s like the most indecent roller coaster ride ever.

  9. Casiopium

    I think you should take the hint, Scientist.

  10. Pesky

    I wonder what will happen if it turns out that the widow is just as demanding as the scientist’s ex…. I know that I’M that demanding….. My boyfriend reads this and that thinks I need a Chester! XD

  11. Jason

    You would think Chester would set her down a little more carefully! I mean “SHWAM!” does not sound very kind on her knees I must say! And look at the mess!

  12. Elkboy

    Aw, no, don’t split up into couples. Foursome wooo!

  13. Hagure

    Haha! I love the subtext!

    And she needs to watch out for that tea! (Unless she’s into that kinda stuff).

  14. RoninAngel

    shibby! nasty and awsome stuff going down!

  15. Ashvati

    Aww, no dp… Its practically a law that if there’s at least one girl and at least 2 guys, there should be dp at some point.

  16. Kelly

    I absolutely LOVE the way Isabell’s hair is drawn in that last panel. My eye was instantly drawn to it.

  17. DSHigsby

    the cookies!!!!!-see the widow-………I’LL SAVE YOU LADY!!!!!

  18. Artgeek

    @ Ashvati: Don’t worry, the action is just starting. It could still happen.

    Those cookies were doomed the moment this tea party started. Seriously though, i would think Chester would be a little more delicate but hey, maybe she’s into that kind of thing. Yeah…..we like it a little rough. RAWR! ^_^

  19. Lady Cobra

    I saw someone point out the scientist’s cock looked weird.. has no one seen one that isn’t circumsized? oh well, I imagine we’ll be seeing plenty of it soon. ^^

  20. grandpa slim

    I can’t decide if she made it on to the table or not. Like, did he slam her down on it? Or did it tip? Hard to tell with this drawing.


  21. Hawksong

    Did he drop her or set her down? It kinda looks like he lost his concentration a bit…! Not that I can blame him.

  22. Twilightfairy

    Scientist come n take the opportunity, it only comes once!

  23. Gothy McBoots

    Chester is one smooth robot! go scientist go!
    ahhh I love it!! <3

  24. Ashvati

    …but the woman will come as many times as she can until she gets exhausted. Zing!

  25. Leia


    Chester: *wink-wink*, *nudge-nudge*

  26. Miss Tris

    I hope you don’t mind, but I suggested this comic on Comic-Nation.

    You might be getting a lot more visitors soon :)

  27. Anonymous


  28. dukintosh

    just readed all the comic, great work, great plot, great drawings

    well done!! i’m really enjoying this :D

  29. Lady Cobra

    Oh, and I’m in idiot, yeah, the wife has a name. XD Where is my head. Sorry Priscilla! *forgot*

  30. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: You read my mind with that one! Rawr indeed!

  31. Ami

    i want chester sooooooo bad lol ;p

  32. xMiss.Xx

    @ Lady Cobra

    Character guide at the top of the page maybe? http://jessfink.com/Chester5000XYV/?page_id=135

    Scientist = Robert
    Scientists Ex = Pricilla
    Scientists New Girl = Isabell

    Hope that helps :)

  33. Carmine

    It’s like…

    “You! Over there! Take care of this for me, would you?”

  34. Froggy

    And the strange thing is…I saw this coming.

    “Here, Robert, though you’re generally a scoundrel, I offer you a gift.”

  35. Mystery Man

    Yes! The scientist may take forever, but he gets some (eventually).
    Actually, he’s slept with more women than Chester :-)

  36. D Piddy

    I was hoping for a fourgy…

  37. La Duchesse

    “I believe this belongs to you, sir.”