August 11th, 2009



  1. lolrobots

    I like how her boob is squished against his chest. ^_^
    Can’t wait to see what the other hand will do! Bwaha!

  2. Naura

    I love that position. It’s just awesome :) Pricilla is so gorgeous and Chester lives up to all of her expectations, lol
    And I totally think it’s time for some Scientist-Widow action :o

  3. Miss Kara

    Dear gods… the arm! It’s vibrating!

  4. NekoNeko

    @ Naura: I think so too! I think Chester purposely isn’t doing the Widow (yet, anyway) because he doesn’t want the Scientist to get jealous again & also because I don’t think he really wants to share himself with anyone but Pricilla.

  5. Leia


  6. Moses

    i wish jess updated more often. that would make me very very happy.

  7. KaylaInRainbows

    I just love how she’s so delicately perched against him while being completely railed inside… Your art = hot and classy as hell Jess <3

  8. Artgeek

    My favorite part is the full on grabbing done by Chester to Pricilla’s butt cheek. It’s like a love pinch. A little hurt with the pleasure….mmmmmm XD

  9. Mo

    i love her lil toes like climbing up chesters leg getting in place to support herself XD~~~ great work again like always

  10. Lunkwill


  11. Tigergulp

    *sigh* Futurama be damned! I want a robot lover too!

  12. Mitka21

    total addicted fan >.< lol

  13. Naura

    OMG I need an update :3

  14. Technorganic

    Well, a vibrator is almost a robot lover.

  15. kuipo

    omg…i’ve been following for the long time, but have not ever posted a comment till now. i NEED another update soon!! I’m jonsing! I need my fill of Chester…kinda like how prisilla is getting it. ;)

  16. Hunnybee

    I thought his arm was retracting after moving the widow? Whatever is happening, I love the artwork and story. Just waiting with bated breath for each update!

  17. Lauren

    update pleeeaaaase! D:

  18. calli

    oh man this is the hottest comic

  19. LeahL

    Totally amazing Guest Comic on Menage a 3. Just saying LOL

  20. Jan

    Hey Jess, been a fan of yours for a while, can’t wait to see the new comic! I just saw your guest comic on Menage a 3, LOVED IT, it made me laugh. Your artwork is beautiful, keep it up! :)

  21. Cadmar Huxtable

    BEST COMIC EVER!!! Srsly I love you style of drawing, and your ability to tell a very involved and intricate story with no dialogue. Highly anticipating further updates!