August 24th, 2009


We are back in BUSINESS


  1. acteon

    Aaaah, that’s what we all needed!

  2. KDizzleintheHizzle

    Yes! Now lets see that poor scientist finally get some reward.

  3. Naura

    All that WHIIIIIIIR on her has got her smiling – or, should I say, moaning? :)
    Go Scientist go, you’re next ^^

  4. Beans

    Did everyone else click back cos they got forgot what had happened?

    Update frequently JFink :C

  5. kathryn

    oh god more updates please!

  6. Scott

    I have no idea why you couldn’t remember what was happening but it was clear as a bell to me.

    I clicked back for the awesome!

  7. maarvarq

    I thought I’d remembered what was going on, but it wasn’t until I’d reviewed CS112 that I realised precisely *why* would be producing that interesting succession of expressions on Isabell’s pretty face ;-)

  8. maarvarq

    Aaagh – please insert “‘whiiiir’ and ‘whip’” before “would be producing” when you read my previous comment. Angle brackets in comments=bad idea.

  9. KaylaInRainbows

    @Beans: *raises hand* I did. Word to the updates.

  10. Artgeek

    Isabell has the best expressions out of everyone! I love her. My favorites are like the ones in panel 2. She’s like, “Huh?” not knowing the goodies coming her way.

    Hope you get your computer fixed soon Jess, can’t wait for more updates. :D

    BTW, KaylaInRainbows & Beans, I always go back just cause i like to maintain the pace in my head. Can’t wait till it’s collected in a large nice book!

  11. Chelsaya

    I love the last panel, her lips are beautifully done in an expression of pure pleasure :)

  12. Westender

    Looks a bit like Chester got a bit cheeky and stuck a digit where he shouldn’t have. ;)

  13. Thomas

    Yay, glad to see another episode here. I love this thing you’ve made.

  14. Miss Lust-a-lot

    Does anyone else think Chester’s mustache looks like a smirky smile? I keep having to remind myself it’s not one…

    LURRRRRRRRRRRRVE this comic!


  15. DeviaLuna

    @Beans – she did post a while back saying that due to computer troubles updates were delayed… I did however click back for the AWESOME. <3

  16. acteon

    @Miss Lust-a-lot: are you Australian? I just Lurve the way you spell that word!

  17. Tigergulp

    I wonder if the vibration is caused by him retracting his arm. That would explain ‘whiiirr’ and ‘whip’

  18. Lena

    when do you update the comic?

  19. Natalie

    The little sound effect on the second panel made it fantastic. lawl