August 27th, 2009



  1. Gaylegee

    C’mon Professor!! Get in on that action!…You know you want to. ;D

  2. mrgiggles

    well there goes his tea, obsticles are now outa the way, get to work professor

  3. DaemonKrog

    Why doesn’t this guys just build his own?! He’s obviously going to have every lady stolen from him by Chester 5000

  4. DaemonKrog

    Crap.. Chester would steal her too!! I feel so bad for this guy.

  5. Casiopium

    A little frustrated are we, Mr. Scientist?

  6. Fishwithwings

    Oh, we’re all a little frustrated.
    Join in! Please just end this torment, for yourself and the reader.
    Silly man.

  7. Emitly


    Let the poor scientist get some action already, this is getting old. :/

  8. Emitly

    None the less, it is still rather hot.

  9. Miss Tris

    Awwww, poor fella.

    He’s so shy ^_^

  10. RUBen

    Scientist, Scientist, Scientist, YEAH

  11. Deanna

    I love the scientist’s expression, he looks like he’s at the end of his rope.

  12. Darkone

    Ouuuuch…cockblocked by the bot….talk about karma coming back to haunt the guy for trying to destroy Chester.

  13. Elle

    Poor scientist! That expression on his face is just perfect, don’t know what to do!

  14. pikeamus

    Damn, reading this comic really makes me want to rush back and see my girlfriend straight after work.

  15. pikeamus

    Actually screw that, it makes me want to close the shop early and get her to make up an excuse and leave early.

  16. SoonerDelia

    Ohhh…those boots! *sigh* And those lips. All of ‘em! Thanks for the delicious treats!

  17. Anthony

    Cmon Mr. Scientist…you know what you want…come on! dive right in there and let all that frustration OUT!

  18. Tigergulp

    Poor Dr Scientist. He looks so agonized! Also, is Chester withdrawing in the second panel for a finger flicking good time, or will he shove the wet widow up Dr Scientist’s nose? Will we finally see munching action?! (crosses fingers) Tune in next week, same time for more whirrrrr-lwind adventure!

  19. SlightlySapphic

    Methinks the Scientist is about to snap! ;D

  20. Fed

    Poor Mr. Scientist! I wonder how he lasted this long without just jumping the widow XD

    And good for Chester, making sure the Widow gets some fun out of the whole deal too :3

  21. Jack

    “What to do, what to do…” is pretty much what I see in his eyes.

  22. maarvarq

    No, Chester is about to produce a paintbrush and paint a bullseye on Isabell’s ass, accompanied by a small arrow labelled “Here, dummy!” :-)

  23. Jessi

    oh my god the scientist is having a stroke!
    heh heh stroke…sorry.

  24. acteon

    I feel like I’m violating the sacred enthusiasm surrounding the appearance of a new update, but I want to take a poll here: a couple of us were thinking of having a little ChesterCon over drinks sometime. Who’s with us and lives in the Vancouver BC area? Show of hands, pls!

  25. Marsh

    Chester just has his pinky finger up because he’s THAT DAMN CLASSY. xD

  26. Artgeek

    What happened? The scientist was working that pipe a second ago…
    He needs to do something and quick otherwise those pipes are gonna backup. You’d swear by his expression in the last panel that he’s wearing a chastity belt or something.

    @ maarvarq: I totally agree. Bullseye…Here…can’t get any clearer.

    @ acteon: That sounds cool…too bad i live south of you. Quite a bit south.

    I’m waiting for this little tea party to erupt in sweat and lust!

  27. acteon

    @artgeek Hey, I hadn’t noticed that–one hand should indeed be under the table!

  28. hae

    do it robert, do it!

  29. KaylaInRainbows

    I feel just like how the Scientist looks… sitting behind my desk… watching it all… can’t take it anymore!!!

    @acteon: I have no idea where “BC” is. I don’t think I’m anywhere near you, but I’d have a drink here and celebrate in spirit!!!

    @Artgeek: I couldn’t agree more… why’d he let go of himself? O_o He’s a complex and confusing man…

  30. acteon

    @KaylaInRainbows You must be really far away to be “In Rainbows” and not know BC! BC=British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada. And here I am literally raising a glass (the bottle, actually) to you and to Chester. We will remember you when we get together!

  31. Phill

    I’m beginning to wonder if the scientist is turned on by his *wifes* shennanigans or by *Chester* himself?!?!?

  32. Artgeek

    @Phill: That’s why i keep saying that he has to build a Fem-Bot.

    @acteon & KaylaInrainbows: Well, if any of you are in sunny California i’ll buy you a drink! ^_^

    Damn scientist…If i was there, my clothes would have been on the floor LONG ago…

  33. wonkywilla

    I’m wondering if Chester needs an upgrade for his lips? Pricilla may want some oral from him?!

  34. E-rip-mave

    Come on, man! She’s dripping wet.

  35. Lena

    aceton- if I wasn’t in PEI I’d join ya for that lol

  36. Jackie-o

    lol the poor guy! its like the ultimate torture to sit there and watch that right in front of you. hopefully he does something about it :D

  37. Jackie-o

    @ Artgeek

    I think the scientist stopped, probably because him and his girl rosy and her five sisters had a disagreement and nothing is as good as compared to a real live woman…..on the table…right in front of you

  38. gretta

    the scientist here looks exactly like i do as i read this comic.

  39. Mortal Soul

    I think he feels chalenged by Chester, and doesn’t think he can mach him.
    Plus, its hard to see a woman you love/loved being pleasured by someone (something) that isn’t you.

  40. E-rip-mave

    I keep looking back at this like something’s going to change. But It’s like.. “HOW CAN YOU not JUMP ON THAT???”

  41. Jill

    Seriously man he needs to start putting it to her like NOW lol go for it, man!

  42. E-rip-mave

    OMG. xD I just realized that hand on his head is the one he was stroking himself with. Hehehehahaha~

  43. Zombietoes

    @Artgeek Strip 112 would be why. :)

  44. ColdSoup

    I love Isabell’s moan. I can almost hear it…

    @acteon: Would love to partake in that get together idea, but I dunno where it’d be easier for me to do from–here in Korea, or on the other side of the country at home in NL. :P

  45. Artgeek

    @Jackie-o: He’s got to think of it more like going to your in-laws Christmas party….You don’t have to like each other but at least fake getting along…just for the night. ^_^

    That’ll get the job done. Besides, technically you just the forefinger and big brother thumb. Everyone else is a party crasher.

  46. Pesky

    ……Dear God, I do believe that he’s gay!

  47. acteon

    @pesky: Haven’t you ever been paralysed by the realization you’re totally freaking outclassed?

  48. Miss Tris

    @acteon: I guess we’re the only Vancouverites in this bunch!

    @Pesky: Unless you’re from Vancouver? Are you? Because I do believe there is potential for tea :P

  49. Mystery Man


    C’mon scientist guy. Either use your ninja powers to finish off Chester right now, or jump up and take that woman!

  50. Roxanne

    I think perhaps the Scientist prefers to watch…

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  52. Foosline

    @Pesky: Robert’s gay? I FREAKING WISH. I’d love that!

    Ha, he looks hilarious though, like “Oh, this is quite the dilemma, oh fiddle faddle….”

  53. Shiruy

    His face! Oh man, his face!! XDD Ahahahahaha! He’s like “Oh dear…”