September 1st, 2009



  1. Ororo

    Woo, go Chester! Finally, something he and I both seem to enjoy. XD And her leg has got to be getting tired by now…

  2. Dan

    OMG. Amazing XD. I check for updates wayyy too often.

  3. Artgeek

    This is great. I love how Chester gives Isabell a little extra flick to get her ready for the scientist. Nice.

    BTW Jess, nice touch with the booty slap! ^_^

  4. An-G

    Woah ho ho, nowww we see where it’s goin!

  5. mahnamahna


  6. RUBen

    I like the way the last panel just kinda sums up the love between the two like “awww”.

  7. Luzie

    aaaaaaaaaaah, i like the slap! great!

  8. S.J. Hartsfield

    LOL! Chester is the best. He’s got style.

  9. Mani

    Oh my….go Chester. *slap*

  10. Kira

    My heart, my heart.. such lust.. such love.
    Not a thing to read at work.. but..it’s SOOOO gooooooood

  11. kay

    Chester is one smooth operator…

  12. Tae

    Now that is some booty slappin pizazz!

  13. Dark Illusions

    Pricilla’s been a bad girl. she needs to be punished

  14. Malkavius

    I so want to be Chester when I grow up.

  15. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: That little “flick” makes ALL the difference…

    …all I could think when I finished reading was “Oh… it’s ON!” ^_^

  16. Leia

    Wow, did Chester just smack dat ass?

  17. MrGiggles

    bwhahahahaha Go chester go!!!

    every 1 cheer fr scientist he seems to be shy ^.^

    give her an examination scientist!!!

  18. Artgeek

    @KaylaInRainbows: Oh…i bet it does. ^_~

    I also noticed in the second panel that Isabells booty is still shaking.
    Also, the whole bottom row looks like some erotic tango. Love it, love it!!

  19. Jones

    I swear, I almost cummed. =X

  20. n3rdg1rl

    Find your stuff again and help her out, Scientist! She needs some lovin’!

  21. SlightlySapphic

    SMACK! :D

  22. E-rip-mave

    xD Awesome~

  23. Mr. Obvious

    I sure hope they sterilize dear Chester between uses. He could get rather…unsanitary.

  24. Mr AV


    Cool. Chester can even make sound effects rhyme.

  25. Tay

    the last panel is probably one of my favorite pictures, ever. Pricilla and I make the same faces and this makes me eternally happy.

  26. Tigergulp

    Come ON Dr Scientist! Could Chester be any more plain!? Get your ass…er act together and ride that pony! *feels frustrated for the poor Dr Scientist*

  27. Jill

    Seriously scientist, it’s time! Wreck that chick!

  28. Meepo

    Is that robot… sweating?

    I think we need another blueprint-type explanation of this. Maybe he sweats a fancy cologne that seduces women?

  29. MissDee

    A friend posted the URL in IRC to this just a few days ago, and I started reading. I admit, I finished the whole comic to this point in one sitting, then bookmarked it so I could come back for this particular entry! The graphics are amazing, the visualizations of the emotions so profound, and the expressions actually make the viewer feel empathy for what the characters are feeling. Amazing, wonderful, and astounding–great piece of artwork, and I admit, like others, I really enjoy the changing borders when things get “hot!” You’ve got another fan in me as well, and this is my first real introduction (besides BttF3) to Steam punk!

  30. Kira

    I love.. Chester, he’s so smooth and snazzy.

  31. Mahmoth

    Chester: A man with style and grace.

  32. Marilyn

    Awww, he loves his woman so much he doesn’t go through with the three way… awww

  33. Lil Miss

    HAHA! The Snap’n'Slap. You gotta move your hand and arm the exact way. Nice moves Chester ^^

  34. Mika

    HA! I love the slap! Very smooth, Chester has this look like “It’s oooooooon now!”

  35. Foosline

    Smack that ass, Chester.

  36. Also Madison

    Chester is so classy!

  37. Amanda

    The best part is the SNAP and then SLAP. :)