September 4th, 2009



  1. E-rip-mave

    Oh god yes..

  2. Angel

    ride that woman professor! xD

  3. Jessica

    Dear lord, if the scientist does not jump on that woman in the next comic I am going to climb in there and make him! Lol.

    I adore your art! <3

  4. Cynthia

    Wow I enjoy this more than I should. ;D

  5. BlueCanary1

    Aww… Did Isabelle fall asleep?

  6. Pidge

    I love the finger twitch.

  7. Greg

    This is beautiful :)

  8. Fed

    Prof! Do her now!!!

  9. Kira

    We’re sick pervs, loving your comic Miss Fink. PLEASE DON’T MAKE US SUFFER. XD

  10. maarvarq

    Angel & Fred, I’m not so sure. Is Isabell still awake? :-)

  11. KaylaInRainbows

    The shots of her spread completely open so far are just sublime… I adore…

  12. Kitty Dranem

    oh yes, amazing! I love how the last panel makes me anxiouse to see what’s going to happen next.

  13. MrGiggles

    lol wow

  14. Leia

    My mouth just kinda dropped….but I do want to see some Proff action now.

  15. Ororo

    The 4th panel is my favorite of all the comics so far. Positively sublime. Please, more more!

  16. Mystery Man

    Finally, Chester has backed off. Now scientist guy! Hurry!!!

  17. Gaylegee

    Lol, I just adore Chester’s face in the third panel–it just says:

    “That’s right. I went there.”

  18. Artgeek

    Damn. He pretty much impaled her. I can’t wait to see what she does back to him. I’m curious though…why is Isabell asleep or was she knocked unconscious by Chester’s roughness?? ^_^

  19. Tigergulp

    Remeber, she is just a widow and in that era, it was rare for a woman to have an orgasm cause it was thought ‘wrong’. It was taught that a lady does not enjoy the ‘sins of the flesh’ cause she would be considered a hussy, floozy or other degenerate. Her Christian duty was supposedly to just lay on your back and stare at the ceiling while husband just humped away, trying his best to get some sons…

    I do believe Ms Widow is just recovering for the intense senstation of being fingered and vibrated, nothing more. She’ll come around in a bit to catch the juicy goodness of Dr Scientist stroking himself ;)

  20. maarvarq

    @Tigergulp: I don’t think that we have enough information yet to know where in space, time and alternative probabilities this strip is set. The characters don’t particularly seem to be acting in keeping with the Victorian-era style. Maybe this is the 22nd century, with some freak medical discovery having kept Victoria I on the throne for 250 years ;-)

  21. Artgeek

    @Tigergulp: Well, If you WERE a lesbian and you had to marry some miser, i’m sure it would work out. He’d love nothing more than for his wife to have a girlfriend so he could watch. ;)

  22. Foosline

    Chester found the g-spot!