September 9th, 2009



  1. FallenZero

    YAY! finally prof. get some action thats NOT your hand!!!!

  2. Xtine

    Woo, finally! :D

  3. Natalie

    Go for it, Scientist! It’s your time now, buddy.

  4. Yo

    Finally actually getting some!

  5. Jessi


  6. Christian


  7. Asylum

    ARRGGGHHH……Get to it Now!

    I love the Strip great build up and Teasing :D

  8. TisaMeta

    Wow. Loving the third panel. I can tell he’s squinting his eyes even though they’re covered up…

    “Alright. It’s on.”

  9. Lottie

    Taking off the jacket … It’s business time.

    He still looks as though he’s got no clue.

  10. Dan

    Oh man, the coat just came off. This is serious business.

  11. Anthony

    Oh yeahhhhh. Dive right in boy. Make her CRY when you done!

  12. lolrobots

    oh so close!

  13. Kai

    W00t! let’s get this scientist going!!

  14. Jen

    I screamed “YES! FINALLY!”

    This is very serious business.

  15. Mo

    Come on!

  16. Fish

    Well, FINALLY, man.

  17. Eand

    Scientist! Now is the time! GO GO GO

  18. fed

    Go mister scientist! Go! ride that women O_O!!!

  19. Artgeek

    @ Dan: I was going to say the same thing.
    Panel #2…he’s got his game face on!

  20. MrGiggles

    we can fuck if we want to, we can leave the doctor behind, and if the doctor dun fuck he aint no doctor of mine

  21. maarvarq

    OK, Isabell is obviously *not* asleep if she’s holding that position. Now for some reason I’m just worried that Robert the Scientist has become confused and is about to dive head first into the proffered target ):-)

  22. SlightlySapphic

    @maarvarq – This would not necessarily be a bad thing, wink-wink, nudge-nudge! ;D

  23. Gaylegee

    yes…Yes…YES!! GO SCIENTIST GO!

    *pint-sized cheerleading squad appears and roots for him!*

  24. Cherelle

    @ Gaylegee: Roots *for* him? Well, there goes the hope of more excitment from your comment >.>
    Go on sir, take some pleasure from your gift ;)

  25. Greg

    The way she offers herself is just… splendid :)

  26. McFlury

    Oh dear, I’d dive in head-first too, looks so yummy :)
    Really well drawn… I can almost smell and taste the… ‘scene’

  27. TisaMeta

    Whoops! I meant the second panel.

    @MrGiggles: I would have never thought that I would see a Men Without Hats reference here. Well done.

  28. Imani

    Yes! Take her!

  29. pikeamus

    Ye gads, the suspense is killing me.

  30. avery


  31. Linny

    Ok i hate to be the wet blanket here but i fear all Mr. Scientist will end up doing is probably covering her with his coat coz he (and of course Ms Fink) is just THAT GOOD at building us up and making us go “EGADS WHAT ARE YOU DOINNNGGGG??!!! NooooooooOOOoooooooOOoO!”

  32. Sumi-tan

    Make the teasing stop!!! Dx

  33. n3rdg1rl

    Guh! Still no widow lovin’! How will I make it to next update!? I like how wide-eyed the Professor is in the first panel, like he JUST noticed her sticking her ass up at him on the table. hee. Cute.

  34. Jessi

    He’s being so sneaky!

  35. Jen

    Anyone else thinking Jess is messing with us here, and The Scientist is just going to cover her up with his jacket?

  36. Stephen Wells

    If one removes one’s frock coat, then, ladies and gentlemen, it is, as they say, “on”.

  37. KaylaInRainbows

    Jess… you tease so well… it’s quite unfair, but oh does it keep me comng back for more! ^_^

  38. Nightingale

    Freaking finally!

  39. Artgeek

    @ n3rdg1rl: I can see that. He’s got that expression that says, “Hmmmm…i wonder if any one will notice my penis going in there??” XD

  40. greencoloredstar

    This is gonna be good. :)

  41. Phill

    The jacket is off but NOT the waistcoat…..this is some heavy Victorian foreplay going on!

  42. Mitka21

    ack!! such suspense!!

  43. oh man

    So so hot! But I was hoping that Chester was gonna “help” the professor somehow.

  44. sam

    Best. Tea party. Ever.


  45. Dave


  46. ColdSoup

    Give ‘er bickies, scientist!!

  47. Carl-E

    My first thought was, “Well, it’s about fuckin’ time!”

    Then I realized that yes, it IS just about time for a fucking…


  48. Lenne

    *does jig* :’D!! Give the widow some Robert-y goodness~

  49. Liz

    He’s such a gentleman he’ll probably just cover her up with his jacket and let her sleep off the excitement.

  50. Thomas

    Cover me, I’m goin’ in.

  51. DaemonKrog

    It’s business time….. it’s business tiiiiime!!!
    Gooo Scientist!!!

  52. Gaylegee

    Awww Cherelle…killin’ my buzz. I’m just pleased for the dear Scientist for stepping up to the plate!

  53. A. Non


  54. Tigergulp

    LOL @ Thomas XD

    FINALLY! The question on everyones mind is ‘what will he do first?’

    If he covers her up with his jacket to preserve her “modesty” I. WILL. SCREAM.

  55. Michael

    There you go, old boy. Get up in that.

  56. NekoNeko

    @ Tigergulp:

    Agreed- I’d also have to make a thorough check to ensure that he still has a set. Y’know, for scientific reasons.

  57. lala

    Haha ! He’s like, “WELL, IT’S TIME FOR BUSINESS.”

  58. Anna

    I sure hope he’s wearin’ his business socks for this!

  59. Weston

    Presenting the peach!

  60. TD

    Mr Scientist needs to try out his own creation! Please tell me he will!

  61. BB

    I’d just like to say that I love the way you draw female anatomy.

  62. Ororo

    Good gosh, I’m completely falling for the Scientist. His hair just makes me all hot inside. Mm-hmm, I need one of them with Chester-esque endurance in real life, ASAP.

  63. Ivey

    It’s business time. Obviously.

  64. Leia

    Oh COME ON!
    She is presenting herself to you like a cat in HEAT!
    Tap that already!!!

  65. Kat

    I’m holding a contest to see who gets fucked first–me or Isabelle. >:3 I’d say we’ve been waiting about the same amount of time. Damn science-oriented men.

  66. ~Alice~

    Just read through all of the pages, and I have to say that this is just beautifully drawn.
    Every page shows what’s going on, without the words. And even the ‘uglier’ scenes are still beautiful.

    Awesome comic, can’t wait for the next update!

  67. JMZ

    Uh…she looks kind of unconscious to me. I really, really hope I’m wrong about that, though.

  68. n3rdg1rl

    @Tigergulp That might be, but in the first few comics the newly weds seemed to be getting it on just fine. Of course, then he ignored her for quite a while…. Hmmm… o.O

  69. Pesky

    He looks a bit confused….. Kind of like: Ummmm….. Now how do I do this again?

  70. KaylaInRainbows

    @ Tigergulp: I will honestly smash my desktop if he covers her… and I don’t see Jess turning this into an “everyone’s hot for Chester” fest… although Chester is hot!!!

  71. Mika

    THERE we go Professor!! You go man!!

  72. Tiffany


  73. Meeeee


  74. Foosline

    Stick it in!

    (And I agree that he should try out Chester. Lord, that’d be hot. Hey, Robert’s got a fine ass, may as well see it put to good use.)

  75. Kay Em

    Jess Fink you are an effing genius.

    So many things you could have done with all the build-up, and your treatment here is absolutely perfect. Divine.

  76. ZeroXSEED