September 14th, 2009


One update this week folks! And next week as well. I am preparing for the upcoming Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland, Sept. 26-27th!

I will be there sharing a table with the AMAZING Mr.Colossal:


(check out his new comic, it’s blowin’ my MIND)

I will have BRAND new Chester books, prints, dolls and copies of my graphic novel We Can Fix It. As well as other mini comics and goodies from me. Come on down!


  1. Artgeek

    Looks like she finally woke up!! Hahaha. I love her expression on the second panel. It’s like, “Oh!” What could possible be happening behind me in this position?”

    Great stuff Jess. I wish i could get a Chester book. I’d really want one that you signed though. Unfortunately Maryland is a bit far from California. :(

  2. Jill

    So. Fucking. Hot.

    Dammit we’ve all been waiting going crazy for the scientist to get off his ass and do something; so worth the wait tho lol

  3. Lib


  4. phantasmagoria

    woooo!!!! go scientist! so happy to see that he finally got the balls to join in. jess is the master of, among other things, suspense.

  5. Andy

    Chester 5000 is one of my favorite comics. This might be the best illustrated smut on the internet.

  6. greencoloredstar

    Love it.

  7. Stephen Wells

    So after all this time, it turns out the real issue is that he prefers brunettes.

    Fair enough.

  8. Luzie

    in the last panel, he looks so happy, like “finally”. i like his closed eyes, he IS really enjoying it! go scientiest!!!

  9. S.J. Hartsfield

    Heeell yeah! I love that the implication at first is that he’s just stuck it right in, but it turns out he’s taking his time with it. VERY nice!

  10. Sumi-tan

    YAAAAY! FINALLY!! Go scientist go!! You can do it!

  11. maarvarq

    Oh well, I suppose you can never have too much foreplay…

  12. smith

    Hot, but is his dick upside down?

  13. akr


  14. KaylaInRainbows

    \^_^/ FINALLY!!!

    So hot Jess… Been waiting for this one…

  15. Laya

    Woot! I will be trying my best to get to Bethesda next weekend – I would love to meet you and buy a Chester book!

  16. n3rdg1rl

    Poor Widow. It’s been quite a while since she’s gotten any, or else she wouldn’t have bought Chester from the scientist, and now she’s looking completely overwhelmed!

    Maybe he should have just gave it to her, she might implode now.

  17. fed

    Yaaaaay! Finally :D

  18. Tigergulp

    *peeps thru fingers* So NAUGHTY!

  19. Lenne

    Hurray!! Go Scientist : D!! *oh the joy~*

  20. c'est moi

    I love this comic. LOVE IT!!! Go professor go!

  21. Dark Illusions

    OMG! FINALLY! but at the same time.. still not finalli. c’mon scientist! give it to her already.

    on a side note… i miss jess updating everyday. even though it’s worth the wait

  22. SlightlySapphic

    W00t! Face first it is! *fistpump* \o/

  23. TisaMeta

    Oh sweet heavens…

  24. Gaylegee

    Hooray!! That’s it scientist! Take it niiice and slow…*sets up camp in front of the computer with her popcorn*

  25. Stephen Wells

    Now me, I generally have to remove my glasses before doing that, but I guess from that angle it’s OK.

  26. Carl-E

    Dive! Dive!


  27. AishiN

    Reading your comic makes me woe the fact that boyfriend lives too far away to just go over and jump. =(

  28. hae

    YAYYY! I agree with the others; take your time! I can tell this is gonna be awesome.

  29. Devian

    Oh my gosh!! I’m so happy for the scientist!!!
    Can’t wait for the next page~
    I absolutely adore this webcomic <3

  30. Luna

    That’s it…I must find a guy like the professor…right down to the kerchief around his neck, sideburns and the oral skills…yum!

  31. Artgeek

    @ Stephen Wells: Is that because they fog up?? I figure they would come in handy when the gushing arrives.

  32. Leia

    Such a gentleman…

  33. Naura

    Now we’re talking.

  34. Stephen Wells

    @Artgeek: it’s not because of fogging, it’s mostly because they’re _there_ and getting in the way. Maximum closeness, people! (also, yay contact lenses)

  35. Dragonair

    Reading the comments on these comics are so funny – we’re all such pervs! >:3

  36. Artgeek

    @ Dragonair: Speak for yourself!! ;P

  37. Froggy

    Ffft, pervy and proud.

    *goes to camp with Gaygalee* Who wants Chester-shaped marshmallows?!

  38. Joy

    lol yes I agree with Froggy.

    pervy and proud!

  39. Sparxz

    Love you art work xD (my friend showed me it).

    x-x If only I wasn’t so broke xD *lives near DC* x-x

  40. Moses

    i think the facial expressions are actually ten times hotter than the actions. though the actions do heat things up. thanks jess!!!

  41. Orfeon

    his dick is up side down? LOL, never the less, was about time!

  42. Anna

    Is it just me, or is her anatomy a bit confusing? In the 3rd panel it looks almost like he is licking her from the front, not kneeling.

  43. ctenotrish

    First timer, just read through the whole series thanks to a link to page one from commenter on Pharyngula.com. Love love love this comic/ It is a TREAT!

  44. Weston

    O professor!

  45. Polprav

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  46. Kolabsus

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  47. Jyinxe

    does anyone else really miss Chester 500 XYV? *SNIFF* UPDATESPLZ?

  48. Mika

    XD It looks like the scientist is like “I’m gonna stick it in- WAIT! Tongue!!!!”

  49. Светлана

    Последний абзац в тему!

  50. Regina

    Oh, YUM. <3

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  52. ZeroXSEED

    Professor being a man again!