Chester 5000 Contest prize!!
September 30th, 2009

Chester 5000 Contest prize!!

This here is the prize for the Chester contest I held a couple months ago. It took me way longer than I thought it would to get stuff out to the winners.

At any rate, if you didn’t catch the contest the first time around the results are here:

Patrick AKA Vastia did an amazing comic and won himself the Grand Prize, a painting of him getting filthy with the Chester character of his choosing.

Luckily Patrick has a look that I thought really suited the time period well, I was pleased to paint such a charming and talented fellow!

Here is a filthy little story to go along with the illustration.


Patrick and Pricilla attended the same high school. It was a coed school but it was not considered proper for girls and boys to fraternize. Pricilla however, was not one to consider proper things. Every day before class she’d eye Partick amorously. Every day after school Patrick would ask if he could carry Pricilla’s books and walk her home, and every day she would refuse.
Partick was terribly confused. How to woo this girl? How to impress her? Did she just have a staring problem or was there something he was missing? Pricilla was a teacher’s helper and would often stay after class to help clean up and study. Knowing this Patrick decided to get himself in trouble in order to stay behind as well. He tried to talk to her but this only got him reprimanded further. After an hour of frustration, watching Pricilla and pondering the puzzle of what she wanted, Patrick was terribly frustrated. Upon his release he begrudgingly made his was towards the door when Pricilla stopped him. Out of the sight of the teacher she hid him in the faculty coat closet. She waited for the teacher to leave, convincing her she would stay behind and study. When finally they were alone Patrick asked once more if he could carry Pricilla’s books…this time she said yes.

But between you and me, that dude is not very good at carrying books.


  1. Artgeek

    Oh my…how very naughty indeed! Patrick is a very lucky (and talented) SOB. Consider me jealous!

    (mental note…go to THAT school)

  2. Jonathan

    Hot diggity DOGS! Way to go, Patrick! :)

    What a great prize… Wow.

  3. Fed

    Ooooo Grats! Very nice drawings indeed!

  4. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: Yes, I submit enrollment now. Thxplz. *wants in*

  5. May

    i loved the winning comic, do you know if patrick has a comic also?

  6. Artgeek

    @KaylaInRainbows: What exactly do you “wants in” you?? :P

  7. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: Looks like the answer to that is “Patrick” ^_-

  8. Artgeek

    @KaylaInRainbows: Hahaha….nice! XD