October 6th, 2009


Here’s a shirt I am thinking of printing up for Chester, based on a few suggestions I have received. What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing such a thing?
I’m thinking there are enough people who like tea in the world that this just might also be appealing to people who don’t read the comic.
I am probably going to do a foxy print on demand thing through MySoti right now and then buy some of my own for cons.


  1. n3rdg1rl

    That’s what I woulda done. *siiiiiiiiiiigh* I love you Jess Fink. You make me happy.

  2. Carl-E

    Happy *and* horny.

    Let’s see, stockings? Check.
    High heeled leather boots? Check.
    A nice pair? Check.
    A man who’s excited about his work? Check.
    Some deft maneuvers? Check.

    Tea? Oh well, can’t have it all, I guess!

    Unlike a lot of webcomics, I can’t say “Gee, I wonder where this development will lead?” We all know where it’s going, I’m just happy to be along for the ride!

    Pun intended…

  3. Miss Kara

    Mmm, this comic gives me warm fuzzies ^_^ And wet underwear.

  4. Gaylegee

    My my my—deft movements indeed!!

    I–I never thought I’d hear myself say this but…


  5. Artgeek

    @Miss Kara: You and me both!!

    You’d swear that guy hadn’t eaten in weeks! I love the way Jess draws facial expression. It doesn’t take much to infer some kind of complex emotion. Just look at the scientist’s face…it’s saying, “Yeah, that’s right! And wait till i get these pants off…tea be DAMNED!!!! XD

  6. Joy


    why was I thinking the exact same thing? :]

  7. Michael

    Eye contact: very important.

  8. An-G

    I love how she has to keep a grip on the table with that one hand…
    This must be a lot for her to take–but who wouldn’t want the opportunity?

  9. Lenne

    The table is leaning lol easy you too ;D
    better climb on or pull her off the table scientist ~ w ~

  10. GlitterTrauma

    And there goes the cup of tea…..

  11. Mark

    If I had a less publicly viewable monitor, I would beg for permission to use that as my wall paper! Jess Fink is Queen of Bonertopia!

    P.S. Were you the Jess on BoingBoing that said sometimes DCMA can be a good thing? I’m too far away to be a stalker, but it was like seeing a movie star at the local burger joint and that moment of “holy crap someone famous eats the same burgers I eat!”

  12. Tigergulp

    (peeps thru fingers) Eee! So naughty! +_+

  13. Android7185

    This is my favorite panel thus far. Now, if she just extended her right hand a bit further… ;-)

  14. Leilanz

    Hmm, what I love doing so much, so well drawn. Jess is very good ^^.

  15. greencoloredstar

    Delicious. <3

  16. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: Third me on that… I could die over that look on his face… and as always… DAMN THE TEA!

  17. MissyMischief

    I’m blushing just by looking at the Good Professor’s face. He’s so intent on his task of pleasuring the widow – it’s fantastic! God, I wish a man would look at me like that once in awhile!

  18. Froggy

    *resisting urge to say om nom nom*

    I’m drooling either way…gaaah… = w =

  19. Devian

    Very much agreed, Froggy XD

    Wooo for another great page! : D

  20. Rinah

    Jason: I disagree, I think this is the exact erotic style that appeals to the *ahem* hornier ladies out there.

    Not to mention that steampunk anything already gets me a little excited to start with…

  21. Naura

    *Doesn’t resist the urge to say om nom nom*

    OM NOM NOM :3

    Jess, I love you.

  22. KED

    I don’t know how much more I can take. How do you do this to me? I need to go take 5 consecutive cold showers. I think that’d tame the ravenous desire welling up within me, perhaps. I realize now I should approach this comic more strategically, not checking for updates in the middle of the day when I have no time for repose! Hopefully, a good splash of ice-cold water in my face may help me out a little bit, at least. No regrets, though. Thank you, Jess. :)

  23. KaylaInRainbows

    @Jason: I would agree, seems to be a lot of estrogen in the mix! Who knew… us women-folk like dirty comics too!

    (Although, this is the inter-webs and I could be a 40 yr old man named Kayla who REALLY likes rainbows O_O)

  24. Lunkwill

    Ooooo this is mmm ok like it.

  25. Beans

    I wants a tshirt with DAMN THE TEA on it :D

  26. Artgeek

    @KaylaInRainbows: Please don’t ruin my image of you… :’(

    @Beans: Oooo A Chester shirt. Now that would be cool. Maybe multiple shirts and you can choose the one with your favorite character in it.

  27. Kira

    As with all the other females in here, dear God, we seem to be all wet and consistently clicking for updates.
    I agree on the t-shirt, and it’d be like an inside Chester joke, LOL.
    Jess, you do AMAAZING work…I’d love art drawn *sigh* You should go to Otakon next year.

  28. Jen

    I’m digging the double entendre here.

    It’s appealing to plenty I think. Go for it.

  29. lizzie

    guys we ignored Jess! I LOVE THE SHIRT!!!

    …and i love the scientistttt<3333

  30. Barbara

    Jess…Thank you for another fabulous update.
    Supremely satisfying.
    Oh, and I agree with Beans on the t-shirt slogan ;)

  31. Weston


  32. Yo

    Wow, so I think I may be as flushed as your characters right now….

  33. Nicole

    I would buy that shirt.

  34. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: You have an image of me? *blushes* (PS I saw some of your work on Jess’s LJ (for the recent contest). I was impressed. ^_^)

  35. Betsy

    I would ABSOLUTELY buy that shirt!

  36. sf

    yes please tea time!

  37. New Reader

    Omygod I need that shirt, it’s even better that I could wear it without anyone else knowing what it meant. ;D