October 14th, 2009



  1. anonymous

    he shoots HE SCOOOOORES?

  2. Jill

    So. Hott.

    Also, first to comment, yay!

  3. n3rdg1rl

    The fun just started and yet this comic is wonderfully satisfying. Probably because I’ve been waiting for the Scientist to give it to her since Chester plonked her on the table. *le sigh~*

  4. An-G

    Oooh, this is taking a very romantic turn!

  5. NemoForever


  6. Devian

    Totally agree with n3rdg1rl

    Another lovely page~ :3

  7. BlueCanary1


  8. Moses

    god, that kiss!!!!!

  9. Stephen Wells

    The other night my wife and I did almost exactly this- admittedly, in bed rather than on top of the tea set. Sharing a kiss and the taste of her…. mmmmm.

  10. Lenne

    I think this is my favorite page so far! I love how they kinda have each others eyes the whole time :’D *been waiting for thisssss*

  11. S.J. Hartsfield

    Aw, it’s nice to see that he got up there.

  12. Math Geek

    Devoured them all…Two hours. Great shit, Jess. You are talented beyond words. I’ll probably check back every couple weeks or so for new updates. You have a new fan.

  13. Tigergulp

    *sigh* I’m jealous. I want some Dr Scientist loving too….

    Uh…just had a brain fart. Now that he’s done the “deed”, does this constitute cheating on his wife???

  14. Fed

    Aw, very romantic.

  15. Stephen Wells

    @Tigergulp: considering his wife warmed the lady up for him, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t constitute cheating :)

  16. Dark Illusions

    I definitely love this panel. I look this comic more and more with each addition to it :)

  17. KaylaInRainbows

    I love knowing that she was all up on another girl, and now she’s fair game for Mr. Scientist… GIVE IT TO HER GOOD! (She’s not going to be able to walk after this ordeal O_O *is jealous*)

  18. Artgeek

    I was hoping for some scissoring action but maybe that is to come. Love the passion that can be felt with each panel. Moist….very moist indeed. :)

  19. Jen

    That widow is a lucky woman. Think of the pent-up emotions he’s been holding on to!

    Man it really doesn’t take much to get me going. lol. eyes on the page for 10 seconds and ready to go. Way to turn us all on Jess!

  20. Leia

    Is it in?!

  21. Gaylegee

    @ Leia EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!

    Oohhh PLEASE tell me Mr. Scientist got it! *whimpers*

  22. TexadelphiaKid

    I’m all for Chester and the lady, but what that man can do with his mouth… she’s missing out.

  23. Sukebe

    This is absolutely fantastic, checked out the whole thing last night and when you put the first CHESTER up for sale I WILL BUY HIM!!!
    The plot thickens too, however please don’t let it reach the end soon? We want chester to go on forever.
    PS: your artwork is superb.

  24. Raz

    I love the Widow’s face in panel three. u.u

  25. Carl-E

    How could it not be? Lookit the way the shirt’s bunching up!

    God, I long for that moment again…

    [insert frustrated smiley here]

  26. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: I could not agree more on the scissoring front… but right now, I think we’re all dying to watch the Scientist rip her a new one… (and I mean that as politely as possible ^_^)

  27. Alice

    Funny how his tiny little glasses have stayed on this entire time. :P

  28. undercover.dragon

    Fantastic art Jess… keep it up.

  29. Froggy

    @Gaylegee Get in line, luv, or rather, what say we get on the table? XD

    Mmmmh, that’s one of the best you’ve done yet, Jess… =/////=

    Love it. To Death! > w <

  30. Artgeek

    @KaylaInrainbows: All I have to say is that scientist better do EVERYTHING to her cause he’s probably got his pipes all backed up. SWEEEEEET RELEASE!

  31. Carl-E

    Oh, fuck. Sorry about the name, Gaylegee!

  32. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: If the pounding doesn’t hurt her… I’m sure that release will. Jess… is this gonna get messy? ^_^

  33. Gina

    Oh my god @Carl-E and @Gaylegee — it would be entirely too fucking rad if two readers wound up hooking up ’cause the Professor finally got some. XD

  34. Totentag

    Hah, Jess, looks like your comic may have set up some real life scienc-y lovin’. You do this world a great honor. =)

  35. muke9

    Please, can he take his clothes off next? Pretty please?
    Your artwork is so pretty.

  36. Froggy

    *escorts Gaylegee and Carl-E to tea table complete with candles, grinning evilly*

    My dears, I’m just going to leave this at this. *disappears* Kekekekekeke…

  37. MD

    Um, does the robot and the scientist come in female? If so, I’d buy em!

  38. Weston

    This is amazing but i miss chester!

  39. TatsnTails

    I stumbled upon Chester a few months ago, devoured the comic up to the current page at the time, and now eagerly check back every week. Love the comic Jess!

  40. Carl-E

    Froggy, thanks for the table…

    Although I can’t help but think it was more for yourself then for us!

    Gaylegee, I like what I see in your avatar as well, and I’m flattered. I’ve done some stupid things in my life, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s this; the regrets I *may* have from doing this will never amount to the regret I *will* have from not doing it. Besides, someone’s got to take the first step!


    I’m braced for 18 tons of spam, but I’ll be looking forward to that one response.

    And here’s hoping that, when we find out more about each other, neither of us runs screaming from the room…

  41. KaylaInRainbows

    @Carl-E: I admire you.

    “…the regrets I *may* have from doing this will never amount to the regret I *will* have from not doing it.” <– BEST OUTLOOK ON LIFE EVER!

    (I’m routing for you!)

  42. Gaylegee

    ^_^ Gosh I’m getting all nervous now that I sent the e-mail off. Don’t leave me hanging for long Carl-E.

  43. Shick

    Wow. If you can’t hear the sounds of thousands of zippers/skirts/shorts dropping for your work Jess, you’re not listening hard enough.

    @Gaylee and Carl-E: How random would it be if you found out you live 5 blocks from each other?

  44. TatsnTails

    @Shick I think the two of them would be all O.O if that were the case. LOL However, that would rock. Just think Jess, your work could literally bring people together! Any fellow readers from upstate NY?

  45. Artgeek

    It looks like we may to create another blog for this… :)

  46. Stephen Wells

    Whatever happens between Carl-E and Gayle… Jess will have to illustrate it! (So take polaroids, guys)

  47. TatsnTails

    @Stephen Wells LOL. You guys are incorrigible.

  48. KED

    Wow, I love this community of Jess/Chester & company fans. It’s freakin’ awesome. I always make a point of reading everybody’s posts after I check the Chester update, and I’ve gotten so used to the names I see posting comments that I feel like I’m getting to know you all. I’d love to meet everybody!

    Thanks for making the world a better place, one well-made erotic illustration at a time, Jess!

  49. TiKi

    - Daddy, where did you meet mommy ?
    - Well timmy, we met in a comic blog website thingy where there was a robot destroying men’s cofidence in their manhood (sorry but i think no woman will ever be satisfied by a normal man if she tasted chester’s lovin) and she was talking about in’s and stuff but i was busy looking @ her eye in the avatar and hoping she does not have an eye patch on the other. We talked abit, met each other and now we have you…
    - wow, can i see that comic daddy ?
    - NO!


    Truobled ? Use

  50. Parker

    I was recommended to this comic by a friend who was suitably impressed. And now, so am I. Amazing, Jess. I’ve never seen another comic like it. You have to work so much harder on the composition to make it work without dialogue, and much of what’s out there doesn’t bother to – including professional work. Take basically any marvel comic and remove the words, and it’s suddenly very confusing :P

    Bravo. Don’t stop :) And as a side note – I love the way the frames change. It’s like you’re using them as a movie would use background music to set the mood.

  51. Maitresse Calico

    Now that’s one talented geek. Manages to take a trip south and return with his glasses still in place. I’m impressed! ^_^

  52. kinkajou

    I am so in love with EVERYONE on this page right now! I mean everyone: the incomparable Miss Fink, those two lovely characters on the table up there, and all of you people taking the time to say such nice things. And this is just the most romantic-est thread ever. Sigh….

  53. n3rdg1rl

    I feel like I have friends here. Is that weird? <3

  54. Yo

    So we’re all pulling for Carl-E and Gayle…good luck! At least you know something you share already! ;)

  55. Tany

    Carl-E & Gaylegee – Now you will have to keep us informed as to your little romance as well!

  56. Artgeek

    This…all of this, my friends, is the power of the INTERWEBS!!!

    May we all be united under the perverted flag of Chester-ville located deep in the heart of Fink-Land. *salute* :D

  57. An-G

    Oh my God. This thread has gotten SO AMAZING.

    I can hardly wait to see what the next Update will bring!
    …but then, that is always true.

  58. renQuix

    the comment section has become a hook up thread.
    pics or it didn’t happen, guys!

    ah, and Jess? magical. i love your artwork, and i’m insanely pleased to finally see Scienceguy in action again! …well, “again” being relative.

  59. Zukin

    God I love this, the artwork is amazing and so is the story. I can’t wait to see the next one.

  60. urban_banana

    @TatsnTails: hi from upstate!

  61. La Duchesse

    Oooh.. geeky boys… <3

  62. Alpha137

    Awesome as always, this comic gets me in the mood everytime!

    You know, I’m totally a horny scientist too, just saying…
    (Actually a Physics grad student, but hey, it counts, right?)

  63. sandra

    Yay!!!!!! He finally get some.

  64. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: *salutes* ^_-

  65. Wartickler


  66. X

    a comic and a dating service i love this comic!

  67. Carl-E

    SongCoyote, we’ve posted in the followup strips. No, we’re not *too* exhausted…

    And no, we’re not talking about it yet. Although I guess I just did… oh, hell.

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