October 26th, 2009



  1. GreyGirl

    Ohhh, boy, it’s about ta go down!!
    I love your comic, very beautiful. ^^
    1st time commenting, tehe.

  2. PseudoDead

    What a lovely tender moment.

  3. s

    oh my! :O

  4. Saker

    Now I am simply tortured by the thought that I have to wait again to see what happens next.

  5. Andy

    I really enjoy what you do. Way to take the time for foreplay.

  6. Dumdoodle

    *sigh* Get it Professor!

  7. ilona

    oooh, can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  8. An-G

    Oooh…a change of venue perhaps? What are we doing now, Mr. Scientist?

    {Also–first comment! Ha-HA!}

  9. Peter Seiryuu

    OH MY GOD!
    What’s going to happen? perhaps he and Chester will exchange ladies?

  10. toppy

    Lol, the scientist’s got this great, “I’m gonna give you some sweet loving, baby” expression. It’s ROW-MANTIC!

  11. Stephen Wells

    Awwww. So tender.

  12. Dark Illusions

    it’s no longer gonna be rough and wild. off to the bedroom for some tender lovin’ action

  13. Miss Tris

    Oh my god, the LOOK on her FACE! Jess, Miss, you are a genius.

  14. Lenne

    Oh wow, how beautiful! Their expressions are priceless, I love how carefully he is lifting her, it just shows so much depth! Once again, amazing work!!

  15. Nicolarolla

    I love you, Mr. Scientist!!

  16. KaylaInRainbows

    Her face says it all to me… that feeling, holding on, knowing SOMETHING is going to happen… but not sure exactly what… Oh Jess, how you tease us, and leave us all wanting more!

  17. Leia

    How beautiful — I wonder how the Silly Scientist has become such a stud…

  18. La Duchesse

    It’s so.. anticipatory! Oh, the suspense. I just can’t stand it! O.O

  19. Tigergulp

    Awww…he’s so tender now!

    Of course, if he drops her on the floor, not only will I cry foul but also cry from laughing to hard! XD

  20. Gaylegee

    Oh! Oh lord we were all so sure that he was inside already! But it’s so sweet…*props her head on her hands and sighs* They look so into each other–It’s gonna be epic…

  21. Froggy

    Awwwww…words do not fully express the swelling of my heart…

    This is such a touching one, I wish I could use it for a wallpaper, too…

  22. Rinah

    Hehe I’m pretty sure he’s just readjusting her so he can get that dress off, note the position of his right hand in the second and third panel. And if he DOES carry her, I don’t think they’re making it as far as a bedroom. :)

  23. Yo

    @Rinah: Well, its not really like the dress is hampering him any…

    Where are they going? how much yummier is this gonna get? wow!

  24. Wartickler

    I just have to say that he probably is sooo done with his wife…he wants to have some private time with this beautiful lady. They’re going to be alone (I hope ;)

  25. Fed

    So wonderful, makes me miss my hubby :3

  26. Carl-E

    The table must be a little too high – - -

    I seem to recall there being a divan nearby!

  27. SongCoyote

    Heh… I think he was in her, but wants to do something specific. Gaze upon the look in his eyes!

    …that look makes me want to roll onto my back for him, too!

    Light and laughter,

  28. LadyOphelia1

    So sweet,
    Have been a long time reader, finally decided to comment and join in on the action, (pun intended) :D

  29. Mara

    This is hands down my favorite page of the entire comic so far! The look in her eyes is amazing!

  30. Star-E-Skies

    “Yes I’ll just be taking this to go…”