A Halloween tale…

Hey guys!
No updates this week I am afraid, because I have been working on a special little sexy Halloween story for you! It’s my favorite Holiday, so I thought why not do a little something dirty to celebrate?

I did this story for the incredible SlipShine.net :

I can’t recommend SlipShine enough, there are a ton of great artists on there making very sexy comics.
The story itself is free to all those with Slipshine accounts and will be available in November.

However I will also be trying something new with this story, I’m putting it up for sale as a downloadable pdf file!
Chester will always be a free web comic, but I think every once and a while I may do a short story and offer it through pay pal. We’ll see how it goes!

It is a sexy, spooky, definitely NSFW 10 page story in black and white, it’s only $1.00 and you can buy it right here:

Some samples: here is the 1st page:

and here are some dirty sample panels for those of you who don’t mind little spoilers:

Once you complete the PayPal purchase I will email you the PDF file, enjoy!


  1. TatsnTails

    I can’t afford slipshine. No fair.

  2. Gaylegee

    Aww no update but yay Halloween :D !

  3. Zukin

    I’d really like to check it out, but I don’t want to pay for Slipshine.

  4. KaylaInRainbows

    Now… to find a dollar… ^_^

    <3 you Jess, and Happy Halloween!

  5. Beans

    I imagine the next line to be

    “He liked to dance around in his underpants!”

  6. Raz

    I just purchased and read the Halloween comic, and I must say it was fantastic. (:

    You have yet to disappoint me, Jess Fink.

  7. Lena

    I just bought your comic and can’t wait to read it, i love Chester and your art

  8. mamacitalinda131

    can’t wait to recieve my halloween comic!!!!!

  9. n3rdg1rl

    The suspense! *hunkers down next to her laptop, ready to pounce on the next update*

  10. zee

    oh man that last panel in the sneak peek…sooo pretty!

  11. Nonnie

    How long did it take you to get the pdf comic emailed to you?

  12. Seltz

    Curious, I purchased the comic but have not seen it. Where would it have come from or what would the title be to check in my spam filters?

  13. Seltz

    Jess, thanks for your help pulling my head out of my ass! Found the comic and it’s wonderful!

  14. Devian

    Saw the comic on Slipshine~
    It was AMAZIINNGG!!!
    Another gorgeous work or art <3

  15. magpie

    Is this still available to buy?

  16. Nedalin

    Hello Jess,
    i have the same problem as Seltz. I purchased the comic roughly a week ago and cannot find it with my eMails. Could you help me also? My apologies.

  17. Dan Friedman

    I sent in the $1 on PayPal for the comic… any idea when you will email me the PDF?