Tastefully done Calendar for 2009!!!

This is just a tiny sample from the Chester 5000 illustration I made for The Tastefully done calendar to benefit Cancer research!

Donate to a worthy cause and get a calendar with all your favorite webcomic stars in the buff!

You can buy it here:

Ok, Ok I KNOW you have already seen my characters MORE than nude, but really, isn’t NOT revealing something even more sexy?

This calendar is totally awesome and I would gladly associate my months with any of the semi nude cartoon characters therein.


  1. Gina

    Ordered my copy of the calendar!

  2. Maitresse Calico

    Lulu is saying the calendar is unavailable now that I have the money to buy one. Any ideas how to get them to sell it to us?

  3. Каталог статей

    It is simply matchless :)

  4. Radarwarner

    Tastefully Done! Would you like to make one für 2011 also for us? :-)