Chester 5000 book, coming August 2010!

SO, people have been asking me for a long time if there will be a Chester comic to purchase soon. I wanted to wait until things were more final before announcing this but now I am pleased to say…

Top Shelf comics will be publishing Chester 5000 in 2010!!!
AND Top Shelf will also be publishing my time travel memoir, We Can Fix It!!!


I’m so excited I can hardly contain my own bodily functions.

I’m ridiculously happy because Top Shelf has always been my favorite publisher. In high school I read whatever semi indie thing I could find at the comic shop, but when I got to comics college my Professor Tom Hart’s first book assignment to us was Craig Thompson’s Goodbye Chunky Rice (published by Top Shelf). It was a book that blew my mind completely away, it changed forever the way I looked at comics and how I wanted to make comics and it remains the closest a book can get to my heart.

I suppose it’s kind of silly to dream of being published in the age of web comics, but it’s something I have wanted since I first picked up a comic and somehow I couldn’t let that dream die. I’m so happy it’s going to have a home among some of my favorite authors and artists.

It’s been a really rough couple of years for me where nothing seemed to go right so this influx of good news all of a sudden has sort of held me in shock.

I’ve had a hard time talking about this with people because it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I don’t know how to express that without feeling like I am bragging! Maybe I’m just so used to complaining!

Anyway, if you want to check it out the books are listed in Top Shelf’s 2010 publishing schedule for August! EXCITE BIKE!!!


  1. Mitka21

    omgosh! yay! I might have to buy it to keep in my private stash ^.^ :D congrats!

  2. Anlina

    Congrats! I’ll definitely be picking up both books when they’re available.

  3. saintneko

    That TTC preview comic has the best possible ending to any comic ever. Thank you!

  4. Toni

    Definitely a major win and I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy :) ) congrats!!!!

  5. Lost Child

    Yay, this is great news, I’m very happy for you and Chester. ;)
    Imo it’s not silly to dream of being published, even though I read a ton of webcomics I still buy a lot of print as well and try to buy books of my fav webcomics, just to have it on paper. I’ll definitely try to pick up both books if I can get them here in Germany.
    (Btw, my first comment ever. Love the comic, big fan.)

  6. Betsy

    Congratulations! I don’t think publication is a silly dream at all, and this is a huge accomplishment. Yay!

  7. Trashcan

    Very nicely done. Congratulations, and here’s hoping your fans help to make these projects successes.

  8. Nicolarolla


  9. Lenne

    Ohmygod wanttttt. Congratulations Jess! You deserve it : D!

  10. chaos_isnt_here

    sweet hottness! I shall purchase this! then keep it precariously perched on my bookshelf, just drawing enough attention till someone cracks it open. mwhahaha

    where it goes from there, nobody knows.

  11. Marzipanapple

    Excellent! I love it when awesome things happen to awesome people. I may have never met you, but I just have a feeling. :) I look forward to seeing this on my shelf.

  12. Jen

    Congratulations, it is rightly deserved! Glad things are going swell.

    Goodbye Chunky Rice is probably one of the greatest comics out there…imo. Being published by the same company must feel like an honor. Congrats and hope things continue to prosper on your end.

  13. DameRuth

    A heartfelt dream is never silly. Congrats on making one come true!

  14. Stephen Wells

    Book coming, August 2010. Your fans, also coming, August 2010 :)

  15. Dee

    Yay! I’ll be purchasing a copy indeed :) There’s just something wonderful about having beautifully drawn erotica in your hands rather than on your screen.

  16. xHMx

    YAY!!!! Congratulations! I cant wait to buy it <3

  17. jennifer

    Congratulations to you! These will be some good lookin’ books!

  18. Xtine

    Yayyyy!!! Why is August so far awayyyy? XD

  19. CodyBlues

    Can’t wait to pick it up.

    Just have to make sure to keep it tucked away xD

  20. SP

    That’s awesome Jess… There are not nearly enough erotic comics that get published! :D

  21. Angel

    Congrats! You’re so lucky! 8D I’m gonna buy it >3<

  22. Also Madison

    I KNEW I had seen your work before! I read We Can Fix It from a link on Dinosaur Comics, but I somehow forgot its name, your name, and the style of the comic! And every time I saw it mentioned here I was like, “We Can Fix It… that sound so familiar… @_@”

    Glad that mystery’s solved. We Can Fix It was pretty great, by the way. And I’m so excited for you! I can’t imagine how completely amazing it would be to have my own work published in a real, solid book by something other than a vanity press o-o;;

  23. olla

    HOORAY! This is really great. I’m very happy for you, and for me (for being able to own your book in the not so distant future). Did you know they were available for pre-order?! They are! I was just wondering if you knew any more affordable alternatives for your Canadian fans?

    Okay. Congratu-well done!

  24. olla

    IT’S ON AMAZON.CA, so no worries about the 19.95 shipping from Top Shelf. So yes, I’m quite pleased.

    Much easier on the wallet and I can finally add Chester to my bookshelf and reading table.

  25. Loreo

    Pre-ordered! I hope that I forget about it, let it rest in the back of my mind, so in the heat of August I will have a little gift to help me celebrate the removal of clothes.

  26. Satal

    Sooooo… pre-ordered waaaay back in the day, past August, and top-shelf still announces “Pre-Order”. Any news?