Chester Valentines, Scientist and Isabell paper dolls!

Hey everyone!

I’ve got some goodies up in my shop! First off there are some Chester Valentines I finally got off my ass and made this year!

You can buy them right here in my etsy shop:

I also went and made some Isabell and scientist paper dolls! You can make them do FILTHY things.

Here’s hoping you have someone filthy to share Valentines day with!



  1. Kristin

    What an incredibly adorable idea!

  2. Ethel

    but does he have a pin on paper penis? (there’s a mouthful tongue twister, oo-er)

  3. Natalie

    You know, if you made a deck of cards like those valentines cards, I would ABSOLUTELY buy them!!

  4. Ethel

    also, purely due to the shape… the cards look like drink coasters, which would be a totally lovely idea to go with the story… although no-one would ever use them for things that would actually stain… & not when the relatives are around :)