November 4th, 2009



  1. Jennifer

    Aw, the scientist is such a gentleman!

    Holy crap 1st post!

  2. acteon

    Ah, romance! Is art imitating blog, here?

  3. Outi

    Oh my god!
    I’m so falling in love with the scientist right now. Isabell is one lucky girl ,D
    Sure Chester’s got that automatic thrust and everything, but he’s basically just an advanced vibrator. Also the scientist must be pretty decent in bed himself… It’s not like you can build a love machine like Chester if you’ve failed the fuck-algebra yourself!

    So I’m saying… The scientist – HOT!
    I’m totally drooling all over him right now <3

  4. Kat

    Aw, ever the reserved romantic, even with lust crazed thoughts. I adore these characters!

  5. Gaylegee

    Ohhhh I see…oh Scientist…you ol’ softy you…

    *props her head on her hands and sighs happily*

    Nice quiet bedroom to do all the naughty things to the dear Widow ^__^

    *Turns out the lights and lights a few candles* Mmm….

  6. An-G

    i am practically crying this is so pretty…

  7. lumpyoats

    Pricilla’s toe sticking up just that little bit just tells me she’s enjoying herself…

  8. samantha

    hehehehehe… being in the widows shoes would be pretty rad :3

  9. Lottie

    Somebody has to be the gentleman, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be Chester!

  10. Conzeit

    Jess is boss!

  11. PseudoDead

    Oh my… how so very sweet. The second panel especially draws my eye. That slight swagger of hip and the shape of his body just makes him all the more pleasing to view from behind. What a nice butt!

  12. Moses

    i love how he just walks past chester and pricilla banging. so cute. le sigh. this is just what i needed this week. thanks jess.

  13. Tigergulp

    Any bets on if Dr Scientist is going to use scarves on the genteel widow?? XD

  14. Mitka21

    i’l second that one tigergulp

  15. Carl-E

    Tigergulp, I refuse to take bets on anything that happens in this strip.

    Weren’t the victorians wonderful? Anything goes, so long as it’s in the privacy of your own chambers…

    I’ve tried finding the “right* audio file of this (the one I grew up with), but to no avail. Here are the lyrics, though… if there’s one group that would appreciate this, it’s here.


    Gaylegee, light me a candle! ;)

  16. Kaonashi

    Nooo, I wanted to see a foursome… ;_;

  17. Lenne

    My goodness, these pages only get better! I love these two <xD I love the calm, slow romantic feel to it. Like he wants to make it special ; ;

  18. Mike

    I’m glad the action is taking a turn in this direction. The tamer, intimately romantic scenes are my favorite.

  19. Devian

    How cuuuute! I about died when I read this page!!!
    How romantic of the scientist!!
    Ever awaiting the next page :3 *sits to wait*

  20. Nicolarolla

    Love it. And I love how the frame is tweaking Priscilla’s boob too!

  21. Artgeek

    What i’ve missed are the intricate backgrounds Jess used to draw. Little touches that add quality to this sweet comic…and here we see them return! Woo Hoo!

    That second panel looked as if he was trying to a a square peg in a round hold. Her feet and legs his the doorway. :) Isabell is probably thinking, “Thank God…a soft bed! My ass hurts from that slam on the table that stupid robot gave me!”

  22. Yo

    wow, can’t believe I was SO focused on the scientist and Isabelle that I didn’t even see Chester and Priscilla in the first pass…I was also in a rush to get to the commentary! I am a sucker for romance, I am SUCH a girl :D

  23. Fang

    I love how at the beginning of the comic, it was just infathomable for the scientist to make love sweetly to his wife more than once. Maybe the same will happen to Isabell? Haha, the world will never know.

  24. Magaidh

    Carl-E: how about this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW_zi8n4HDQ&feature=player_embedded

    I love Flanders and Swann!

  25. Oops...

    I’m probably the only one to notice this little tidbit since everyone’s all distracted (or don’t care) by the shiny romancing, but Isabell’s position seems to have magically switched in the last panel… lol

  26. lorena


  27. Sara

    Jess! You’ve outdone yourself. You are a fantastic artist and story teller. This is very touching.

  28. La Duchesse

    *is too busy swooning to consider commenting coherently*

  29. Odjit

    Aw, they are so cute.

  30. Parker

    Nicolarolla – thanks! I didn’t notice that bit :P

    Fantastic as always. Difficult page to get to work given there’s no chance for facial expressions, but you’ve nailed it.

  31. Carl-E

    @Oops, she didn’t switch position, they’ve gone through the door, and so you’re seeing them from the other side!

  32. Spox

    @”Oops…” No her position is the same, its’ just that the ‘camera’ has done a 180 degree rotation since he entered the bedroom so we’re viewing her from the other side.

    Love this page, Jess! Isabell & the scientist are my favorite pairing. =)

  33. n3rdg1rl

    I think it is awesome that Chester and Pricilla are too busy getting it on hardcore to notice what the other two are doing. I also think it is awesome that the Scientist seems mature enough to be so focused on the Widow that he doesn’t notice/care about what his ‘wife’ (because she isn’t much anymore, is she?) is doing. @Kaonashi – I, too, mourn the loss of a beautiful foursome. Judging by all the ladies that swooned over the romanticism, it might be worth it, though.

  34. Meow

    I love how, in the top panel, the panel break design is curled perfectly around Priscilla’s nipple. Anyone else see that? It’s absolutely beautiful.

  35. Mika

    Awwwwe! He wants it to be in private and all special ^w^
    He’s grown up!

  36. Foosline

    Aw, this is so sweet.

    …Although I still have to admit (since I haven’t enough by now!) that I still wanna see some hot man-man action with Mr. Professor, there. Hey, Isabell and Priscilla got naughty together, so…