November 5th, 2009



  1. YLiesa

    So pretty as usual – I love the pose as he’s lying her in bed :) But I have to wonder< what happened to his glasses in the first panel since he has them again in the next?

  2. NemoForever


  3. Carl-E

    Is anyone else here having trouble breathing?

  4. Jill

    YES *gets inhaler* oh wow idk how I’m gonna wait for the next update I wanna see more of her and the scientist!

  5. Weston

    Gawd This is amazing!!

  6. Gaylegee

    *She fans herself and nods* You know before…I was all ready for him to have at her on the table but I’m kind of going for the slow-and-steady pace now…whew…yeah–can’t–breathe….

  7. Odjit

    Mrrrh and back to the insane teasing.

  8. anon

    take his glasses off on the second panel please XD

  9. S.J. Hartsfield

    Love how he’s actually being kind of romantic about it… hawt!

  10. Stephen Wells

    Hey, now she takes the lead at last… yay!

  11. Kira

    Oh my, oh my… oh my… yes yesyes. Difficult time breathing… Le sigh. <3 I love this.

  12. Scout

    So gentle and slow now and so very hot… it makes my knees weak. <3

  13. Kyne

    I simply adore this comic. But is it just me? This tender scene with the sceintist is making me sad! I never quite wanted Priscilla to completely cut ties with him, and now look what she’s missing out on. I guess I’m too much of a romantic to really accept a couple like that falling out of love so quickly…and it makes her previous scenes with Chester somehow seem more vulgar…sigh :(

  14. La Duchesse

    Goodness.. turn my back for a few hours and… O.O

    Yay for Isabell! I wonder if she’ll leave him a broken shell of a man…

  15. Artgeek

    I had to do a double take on that first panel. That scientist is really into it. He’s got his right hand wrapped around her body and cupping her right butt cheek. Nice. Lord only knows i’d be super flexible octopus man if i had a supressed hottie like that in that situation.

    I agree, i do like the tenderness too. It’s a nice differentiation from the “hot and sticky” (form Music & Lyrics…great movie btw)

    Now that i think about it, Isabell haven’t really been proactive about stuff. She’s usually on the receiving end. Ladies and gentlemen, i think we may be about to witness something really amazing!!! ^_^

  16. Leia

    wowee wow wow!

  17. Lenne

    *squeals, falls over and dies*

  18. Ororo

    You. Go. Scientist. Way to find the way to a girl’s heart. You win.

  19. Jessi

    god i love me some scrawny nerd nipples ;P

  20. Anthony

    Mmmm. Delicious scientist…

  21. Yo

    Oh my gosh….torture!!!!! But oh…keep it up Jess!!!!! Wow, I’ve never been so turned on! My friends would be shocked if they knew I am hooked here….mmmmmm.

  22. katja

    I don’t know if I’m the first one to ask this, but regarding the layout of the pages, is it just me or do the frames get more… feathery and swirly and loose as the scenes get more intimate?

  23. lolrobots

    squeeeee ^_^ so hot.

  24. La Duchesse

    @Yo: I’m sure your secret is perfectly safe. ;)

  25. Jill

    They do, katja :) One of the many awesome subtleties of Jess’ artwork

  26. Gaylegee

    @katja: Heehee it’s a subliminal metaphor for how the Scientist and Isabell are “opening up” to each other…*sighs and melts into a puddle* Oh isn’t it romantical?

  27. Sara

    SO! Sweet! <3 I am so the fan of this sudden trend in tenderness <33

  28. Naura

    *squeals, falls over and dies* [2]

    I love this so much <3

  29. Artgeek

    @ Jessi: Don’t forget the small patch of chest hair.

  30. An-G

    Blaaah yay.
    This comic is like my life right now. In the best possible way.
    Is life imitating art? …probably. Thanks, Jess.

  31. KaylaInRainbows

    *melts all over the place*

    Pardon me… I need to go get a towel… O_o

  32. Sarah

    I just love the way her heels are digging into the table cloth, and the way he’s leaning on his left arm… It’s all very tender and lovely!
    Oh and then MAN NIPPLES.

  33. Arista

    Oh wow, that kiss. <3
    I’ve always had a weakness for Mr. Scientist so I’m especially enjoying these slow romantic panels with him. Thanks Jess ^.~

  34. Moses

    oh my, i’m having flash back to some nights past. god jess, so vivid and lovely. you impress me more and more.

  35. Froggy

    *sighs* All these melted fans, Jess, you’ll need to find me a mop!!

    This makes me a little drippy too, though, if’n you know what I mean/ ;)

  36. Carol

    Oh man, I remember randomly seeing your artwork about a year ago or so, and I’m glad I found it again!!! And I’m also glad that the Scientist is giving his lady some good loving. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!

  37. La Duchesse

    @Froggy: That’ll require one biiiiiiiiig bucket…

    So.. Am I missing something, or did the glasses go flying and then come back unassisted by mortal man?

  38. Just Me

    The art is simply beautiful! I spent quite enough time just staring at your panels and can’t wait for the next strip! Love her profile and hair on the bottom left panel, though the 5 fingers (without including the thumb) is a bit awkward :P .

  39. Vouloir

    Huh, the Doctor has male chest pattern 1.

  40. Dark Illusions

    @ La Duchesse: i noticed the same thing about the glasses when I did a double-take before reading the comments

    I love it Jess. going from one extreme to the other and back again

  41. Yo

    I’m just amazed that anyone was looking at his glasses! :)

    @ La Duchesse…there’s good reason why they’d be shocked…I keep my secrets well! ;)

  42. Meepo

    Hmm… not that I have anything against this update but as a man, I personally would find it very awkward if a woman were to lick my nipples. It doesn’t seem like something that would be pleasureable/turn-on at all.

  43. Carl-E

    Meepo, to each his own.

    And if it’s with the right woman… well, *any*thing can be a turn on!

  44. Rinah

    *dating a nerdy boy with the tiny patch of chest hair*

    ^ it’s one of my favourite parts of him ;)

  45. Lena

    I’ve been stalking this webcomic for months without saying a word but I gotta say… Mmmm. So adorable.

    I wish life were this good for me :P

  46. Tay

    am I the only one who likes it rough? I miss Chester, but good job scientist. finally getting some action.

  47. hae


    I also like how he’s not a sudden beefcake under his clothes. <3

  48. Clara

    I’ve never been compelled to comment on this art before, even though it’s the first website I check for updates every morning. Absolutely amazing, by the by. But this strip… took my breath away right from the first panel.

    Just thought you should know.

  49. shellymc

    Mmmm, chest hair tuft. Is it wrong to be sickeningly jealous of a comic? Seriously. I’m green.

  50. Artgeek

    @hae: He should totally pull a Hulk Hogan and rip of his shirt to reveal Fabio abs!!! hahahaha. It’d be like Monday Night Raw meeting Harlequin Novels!!

  51. ShineTilly

    Mmm I keep coming back to this page even though I know there isn’t a new update. The scientist is the type of guy I lust after! Man how I miss scrawny bespectacled men!!! There is just something irresistible about a thin patch of chest hair set against tiny nipples *shivers*

  52. La Duchesse

    @Rinah: Those are the best kind, aren’t they?


  53. Screaming Slave

    Damn, @Rinah… Lucky you ;)
    I do so very much enjoy this art.

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