November 9th, 2009



  1. Saorla

    finally!!! some real boy downstairs action… unless I missed something before.

    It’s stuff like this that makes me just a little less leary of doing the act myself. My boyfriend will thank you…. profusely.

  2. Gaylegee


  3. KevinKevinKevin

    Yes. Go down to boner town.

  4. lumpyoats

    haha I agree with Saorla! Reminds me of all the little sessions I give my boyfriend, good good times!!!

  5. Natalie

    Now I am seriously wishing my boyfriend was home from work already. Seriously.

  6. Pierce

    I wonder, why, I’m the only male to commen on how unbelievably hot your commics are. This one is outstanding but hey, aren’t they all? And agree’d with the fleshy down stairs action. I love chester, but there’s something to be said for flesh.

  7. Stephen Wells

    Well, damn.

  8. kathryn

    I love the little kink in Isabell’s hair, an adorable touch to this bangin’ scene!

  9. Yo

    Well…good morning to you too!!!! mmmmm

  10. maarvarq

    This strip does appear to have abandoned any concern about having a plot though :-)

  11. Stephen Wells

    Not true; this is the first time Isabel has taken the more active role rather than being ravished by Chester, Priscilla, or the Scientist. This is absolutely critical plot development. Deep. Subtle. I may need to study it for much longer to appreciate it fully.

    I’m going home early.

  12. Akamar

    Mmm… while it’s scrumptious overall, I’m most besotted with the belly nibbles.. ^^ MmmMmm.. You go girl, make him squirm.

  13. Tigergulp

    Damn it, Jess! I almost strangled on my toast when I saw this!! XD

    LOL @ maarvarg:
    I agree!

  14. KaylaInRainbows

    Jess… this is pure inspiration. I think you are going to have a lot of gentleman who should be thanking you after this one…

    *wants to play with Mr. Scientist*

  15. ArttemisJones

    I just have to say… Thank you. Very much.

    And really I think the Scientist and Isabel have stolen the show. And I’m very happy with that.

  16. Lenne

    Oh me oh my! That last panel has my head spinning~! And I love the border, how it is just one swirly one, so cool!

  17. Lala

    My Scientist is in for a treat tonight now. He’s been teasing me for almost a week and i finally get to see him tonight. I’m totally inspired now!

  18. elise

    I love Isabell’s squished boobies in the first panel. :)

    This makes me want my man RIGHT NOW.
    I wish he’d get off of work already! ;P

  19. La Duchesse

    @Tigergulp: That’s what you get for eating while you’re looking at this! :P

    (And yes, it looks like Isabell IS going to leave him a soul-less, drained shell.. but in a good way.)
    This is too…. too… So much detail, so much *feeling*, so…. *trails off*

  20. Jessi

    holy jesus god. i think im blushing…

  21. renQuixotic

    *makes unintelligible fangirl noises and flails


    ahem. well done. i LOVE that mister sciencguy is finally getting such caring attention! {don’t tell anyone, but he’s always been my favorite character…}

  22. Lady Cobra

    I love how He’s getting spoiled now, Much awesome.

  23. Sarai

    Om nom nom! That’s all ;D

  24. An-G

    I almost strangled on my toast, and I’m not even eating anything.

  25. Leia

    Finally…a REAL penis…

  26. La Duchesse

    @Leia: All that geeky hardware.. mmmmm.

  27. Anthony

    From the sound of things via comments: seems quite a few lucky boys are in for a nomming when they get home tonight!

  28. CodyBlues

    im not sure how hes able to keep those glasses on all this time.

    can’t wait for the next!

  29. Silver Dragon

    I love the little cat like face she has as she is nibbling on his belly! MMMM!! So CUTE!!

  30. CodyBlues


  31. Genevieve

    I hope this comic goes on for ever and ever and ever!

  32. Gaylegee

    Ooo my yes! :3 nom nom nom

  33. Kazz

    hrm.. Jess… I think.. and.. just call it a hunch.. but i THINK that this comic will result in many ladies’ boyfriends being quite happy this evening. lol

  34. sander

    Le sigh, le pant!

  35. Delebe

    Aw mann I miss doing this. I need a boyfriend. I want a scientist! I love iit..

  36. Artgeek

    @ everyone: Soooo, when we all say toast…are we talking about penis?? :D

    I’m glad she is taking a more active role. I love a good ravashing as much as the next guy but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else drive. Mmmmm…now i’m hungry for toast.

  37. La Duchesse

    Oi.. It totally shocks me that Mr. Scientist still has his glasses on…

  38. Artgeek

    Hmmm….i just re-read my post.
    It reads like “i’m hungry for penis”….CRAP!
    Artgeek=FAIL!! I really was just hungry for toast. :(

  39. La Duchesse

    @Artgeek: Wheat, rye, or plain ol’ white bread? :P

    Damn.. I want toast now… :SIGH!:

  40. kinkajou

    @Artgeek & La Duchesse: Now I want toast AND penis!! Good thing I’m going to see someone tomorrow who has one of the latter…well, he probably has toast, too, but a girl’s got to have her priorities! Ohhhhhh my, those last two panels…. SO yummy! Tomorrow night canNOT come fast enough!!

  41. bluemoon

    Gaylegee….what’s the status with your man here? Have you met IRL?

  42. Af

    Ooooh, hot scene! I’m so jealous of Isabel right now!

  43. Peter Seiryuu

    I’m at work, wishing my boyfriend were here so that I could do the same to him hahahaha

    I love you jess, I love your art!

  44. La Duchesse

    @Kinkajou: Perhaps I shouldn’t mention.. um.. nutritional values.. ahem. :P

  45. muke9

    Oh Damn, that is nice!
    I just noticed what awesome sideburns he has.

  46. Delebe

    hehe artgeek

  47. KaylaInRainbows

    @kinkajou & @La Duchesse: I WANT PENIS AND TOAST NOW! But preferably, not together… I bet the nutritional value would be fabulous!

    @Artgeek: Artgeek FTW! I laughed so hard I spit my soda out… Want to get together for breakfast sometime? lol

  48. rebel

    Toast? Not me. On Fridays, while I sometimes get breakfast in bed, there’s no toast involved. Is it Friday yet?

  49. Artgeek

    @KaylaInRainbows: YAY! I WIN!!! Breakfast sounds good…I’ll bring the bread. If you want your buns “toasted”, that’s gonna be extra. ^_^

    @La Duchesse: I’m a lover of all kinds of toast. Equally opportunity eater and all.

    @kinkajou: Lucky you. If i want penis and toast i just have to walk to the kitchen naked. I like to keep them separate but that’s just me. I’m all for you ladies eating a fully balanced breakfast though. Please let me know if i can help you with that :D

  50. La Duchesse

    @Artgeek: It would be truly tragic to have a toasted penis…

    Now.. I wonder whose kitchen I can invade to find good bread and a good penis. :ponders:

  51. Wartickler

    It’s shocking the number of wanton ladies on this channel. It’s amazing any real work gets done with you people…

    BTW, I win! I called this scene. I almost agree that the plot was lost, however these are important panels to the much larger story where I magically appear in the story to handle the lot of them.

    Don’t touch that dial!

  52. KamikazeXO

    damnit! now i’m wishing my boy wasn’t withholding physical contact T-T

    I could use some yummy penis…

  53. ktoon

    the subtle nipple self-stimulation just makes it all happen for me :9 If there is one thing I could change about my husband, it would be to give him extremely sensitive and erogenous nipples. Alas, nipple-play does little for him.

  54. Carl-E

    Good grief, Gaylegee, look what we’ve started!

    Artgeek, KaylaInRainbows, La Duchesse, Kinkajou… all offering each other breakfast and whatnot – more what than not, it seems… penis on toastpoints, anyone? Some tea with that?

    And to think, this comment thread used to be about a comic. I think we may have created a monster!

  55. Saorla

    …. Now I could totally go for some toast too.

    I can get the other part of this equation later. and I so very very much intend to.

  56. Moses

    damn, this comic makes me want to jump someone. i love making them squirm. mmmmm….

  57. bluemoon

    Anyone in Minnesota up for some toast?

  58. EvilBallroom

    am i the only here thinking about the all-important cinnamon-sugar that must accompany toast???

  59. Regina

    Oh, gosh. Why is Sci just so PRETTY?

  60. Foosline

    I totally, totally envy Isabell right now.

    Just totally envy her. That scientist’s got some fine equipment.

  61. Also Madison

    I have facebook.com open on another tab and now I have to consciously resist the urge to leave amorous comments on the pages of any moderately attractive guy I know Dx

    This comic is going to get me into an awkward situation one day, and I’m not even going to realize it…

  62. Lupo

    The third panel gave me shivers… and a hard “toast”!

  63. Jac

    That’s it, I’m making my future Professor keep his glasses on all night! 8D