November 13th, 2009



  1. Mimi

    SO HOT!!

  2. darlincakes

    time for the main course, dear…

  3. acteon

    Aaahh! Such sweet adultery! I guess it’s OK since the missus is struttin with the (not “some” like the song says) barbeque next door. Keep those swirlin’ twirlin’ twinin’ borders coming!

  4. Angel

    Oh damn. He’s..she’s..wow xD

  5. Peter Seiryuu


    I’m in love with the scientist… his body is so… oh-my… (passes out due to excitement)

  6. elise

    Cue Marvin Gaye.

  7. Artgeek

    Now that’s something i get get on board with….sloppy wet oral……YUM!
    Although i’m guessing she could have gone a bit deeper. :P

  8. M

    Oh MYYY.
    It’s times like these I wish I had a boyfriend-slash-fuckbuddy. Actually…forget boyfriend… :P

  9. S.J. Hartsfield

    It’s nice to see that everyone is getting a little sumpin’ sumpin’. Yay!

  10. pikeamus

    Ok, so I had been away for a few weeks and reading through the last 4 updates caused me to switch of the fan heater, take off my scarf and go bright red, much to the confusion of my customers. Dear god I can’t wait to go home to the girlfriend now…

  11. Tigergulp

    Now I’m all hot and bothered…. *goes out to molest some unsuspecting male* Don’t wait up for me! X3

  12. Saorla

    this comic is just fun for all the couples. I wonder if Izzabell been inspired by this for her sort of hubbies benefit. *eyes the izz*

  13. CodyBlues

    i think he may be done xD

  14. Leia

    Go get him girlie!

  15. Lenne

    I’m just so…wow~ best friday the 13th EVER xD!!

  16. La Duchesse

    *fans herself with some peacock feathers* Have mercy! Things just keep getting more and more… *is overcome by the vapors and promptly faints*

  17. Froggy

    @La Duchesse: Dammit, I just mopped up all the drool off that floor, people, must I keep playing janitor? This is an unpaid job, you vaporous hooligans!

    Well done, Jess, I give you silver star stickers. Robert’s expression in this is FABULOUS.

  18. La Duchesse

    @Froggy: And you love every minute of it, I know. Why deny it? :P

    He looks so caught up in an agony of ecstacy. I stand by my bet that Isabell will leave him a dazed, drained shell of a man. With no toast.

  19. lolrobots

    nom nom nom

  20. snakpak

    i dont understand these toast euphemisms… but it’s the internet, so i guess i’ll have to google how toast equates into oral or intimacy? is that what it is?

    this is a brilliant show though. had to comment, been reading it for awhile, and the comments keep increasing so im joining in

  21. Virnin

    Frankly, I think they will both be more comfortable when she finishes taking his pants off!

  22. Gaylegee

    Mmm I love Isabel in the last panel…

    “Oh—and we’re not done yet”

  23. CodyBlues

    @La Duchesse, when you put like that I almost feel bad for him…almost. xD

    @Gaylegee, I’m glad to hear that.

  24. Nicolarolla

    I just love how nerdy he looks… my lord I have a thing for skinny nerdy guys… *squeeeee!*

  25. E-rip-mave

    |:< *points* I still have a grudge against the scientist.

  26. Coyote

    …He almost looks vulnerable to me. D: He seemed to act so much more reticent and shy the moment she actually started returning the favor, like “*wibble* Really? For me?!”

  27. n3rdg1rl

    Alas, all I can do is look. I have company coming over. >_>

  28. EvilBallroom

    @La Duchesse: aaaaannndddd we’re back to the toast!

  29. Carl-E




    [drool slightly]

  30. Chimaera

    @n3rdg1rl You’re not having tea and biscuits are you?

  31. La Duchesse

    @CodyBlues: I have *no* sympathy for him. :p
    @EvilBallroom: It just makes such a nice euphemism, don’t you think? It’s so… tasteful. :P

  32. Eve

    OMG, this scientist looks so very like my husband :) And this makes me kinda horny…