November 17th, 2009



  1. Gaylegee

    Ooohh….and the glasses come off!

    And the dress!

    And the pants…

    *gulps a bit and fans herself*

    And…and the boots…oh…oh my…

    *Keeps her hands occupied by knitting as she watches, eagerly, for what comes next!*

  2. AishiN

    This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. ;D

  3. Karli


  4. Nainy

    I really like how you draw the hair.
    And I LOVE the comic :D

  5. Lenne

    *chants* Take it off!! Take it off!! : D

    = w =

  6. Ari

    Ahhh, the very slow, getting undressed part of things. That seems a lot more frenetic than I would have expected :-) oof…. that is HOT.

  7. Ari

    and by more, I meant “less.” I always seem to rush through that part….

  8. Dark Illusions


  9. RaychelGreen

    Oh my is right! I can’t wait to see who leads. :] Keep up the great work Jess, this is alluring to say the least.

  10. Tigergulp

    darn it….I didn’t molest enough ususpecting males the other day +_+

  11. Sumi-tan

    I like the scientist’s smile in the 4th panel. He’s like ‘oh yeah now we’re getting started x3′

  12. Luna

    The foreplay
    The kissing
    The undressing….

    Must get bf here NOW (wearing glasses)!! Stupid school -_-

  13. Rara


    I love it! >.< They get better every update

  14. Aussie

    This is straight out of almost every fantasy i ever have. Immensely impressed.

  15. Carl-E

    Oh, the boots. button-ups. A full production number if ever there was one! Then the stockings…

    Gaylegee, put that knitting away *right now*. There are better things to keep your hands occupied…

  16. La Duchesse

    @Gaylegee: A fellow suffer of the Must-Finish-This-Row-Itis, hmm?

    Woo-hoo! The glasses have come off and the engines are purring.. :tries not to stab her fingers with pointy sticks while she tries to get her breath back: Mercy, mercy, mercy…

  17. Lena

    This is all well and steamy, but the second panel tops it for me *drool*
    and his coy smile O.=.O

  18. Mitka21

    nummy nummy!!! and i must say-that coy smile stirs the blood ^.^

  19. Xtine

    And the glasses come OFF!

    Btw, is there a Chester book? I would absolutely purchase one, but I couldn’t find any through the “STORE” link. :’(

  20. Froggy

    OODALALEE… *immediately throws away her mop and goes to join Gaylegee with a box of popcorn and her drawing pad, doodling with a vacant, drooling expression*

    Forget cleaning up after people, I’m drooling now with the rest of the people. I may very well short out my keyboard…gdlkflei…fue…((–+okf…

  21. La Duchesse

    @Froggy: What? No toast?

    I completely agree. The expression on his face is utterly adorable. So dazed and cute, like he can’t quite believe what’s going on. Maybe she ought to pinch him, just to be sure he’s awake. :P

  22. An-G

    Beautiful and true, what more can we ask for??

    I wish I would see my boy today…

  23. Wallygirl

    ooohhh!!! that kiss!!!!!!! makes me…..feel funny

  24. Anthony

    Dannggggggg. I’d have liked to see more of him removing the boots and starting from the bottom-come-up but slow and gentle works for me! Go scientist go!

  25. TexadelphiaKid

    I love the detail in his body in the 4th panel. Hipbones and the ribcage are my favorite places to nibble.

  26. Saorla

    favorite panel= bottom middle. in love with it i say. The coy smiles remind me of myself as I enjoy sending them to my baby when we’re intimate too. probably drives him nuts. lol :P

    beautiful jess beautiful.

  27. hae

    nnnnnnggahhhhh yesss. I love you.

  28. Kira

    Please give me the damn knitting… this comic…*melts*

  29. Bernadette

    she took off the glasses…rrrr!
    you know it’s going to get serious when that happens!
    I can’t wait, Jess!

  30. Dante6686

    Finally everything is back on track – I must say the conflict they had earlier created a lot of fuss – I was taking our proffesor’s side but it really had me getting nervous when waiting how it all turns out – THIS COMIC ROCKS !!!

  31. iKami

    I think I love that passionate kiss right after the previous act. There’s a lot of permission, intimacy, and experimentation in a kiss like that.

  32. GlassFlowers13

    So…does that mean they’re divorced?