November 18th, 2009



  1. SongCoyote

    Oh my, yes… ride him good!

    I’ll… I’ll be in my bedroom, waiting for my sweetie <3

  2. CodyBlues

    Very nice ^_^

  3. Yo

    Wasn’t expecting an update yet…YAY! :)

  4. Jill

    Oh god….can’t…..take it……….can’t…..wait…til next…..update! *nosebleeds*

  5. kinkajou

    Ohmygod! Two days in a row! I thought I’d be disappointed checking for an update, but of course could not help myself anyway, and then there was THIS. OH. my.
    uhhhh *collapses in a heap of moaning idiocy*

  6. Angel


  7. Carol

    Oh yeah. She’s about to ride this man to the MOON! Seal the deal Professor!

  8. Lenne

    GIDDEYUP!! : D

  9. S.J. Hartsfield

    And now they combine! And I’ll form the head!

  10. Beans

    Lol I just check everyday, it’s easier and my eyes are never disappointed :D

  11. Leia

    For some reason that spicegirls song popped into my head.
    “When two become oneee”

  12. Saorla

    @leia heh…. now it’s running in my head too. every things just slow enough for it too!

  13. elise

    This makes me want my man SO bad.. 6:30 needs to hurry up!

  14. outsung

    ahhh my favorite I love being on top <3

    @Beans: I’m the exact same way. it’s just part of my turning on my computer routine: email, facebook, chester…

  15. hae

    AHHHH. Jess, you tease.

  16. Froggy

    *flinging popcorn and toast around in a mad fit* Ride that man like a horsey, Isabel!!!

    I’m not sure what I like more- this comic or the comments that go with it. XD

  17. Shick

    @ S.J. – I just LOLED so loud people came by to see what was up. Thank God I minimized right away, or would have been difficult to explain.

    But now, I need some riding too….

    Will Friday NEVER arrive???

  18. Genevieve

    Those sheets look amazing.

  19. Anthony

    Oh good god. Prepare for exceeding, obscene levels of moaning and grunting. You can practically hear the neighbors complaining now…

  20. Tigergulp


    Jess, you evil evil tease!

  21. CodyBlues

    Ok, that voltron thing did have me laughing quite a bit.

  22. TexadelphiaKid

    I’ve checked the strip 6 times today and counting. Oooooh boy.

  23. Carl-E

    OK, this is a stupid question, seeing as I’ve been following this strip since August…

    But I just got a new laptop with a widescreen, and I never saw the sides before… has that border been there the whole time? machine screws?? It’s fucking brilliant!

    Oh yeah, and the comic’s great, too! I looove a woman on top… veddy “take chahge”!

  24. Greg

    Yes Carl-E, all the time…

    @ everybody
    Love the comments too, and the strips are brillant. Jess, you know we all want to buy your book… Don’t make it last to long… speed up the update… ask leprechauns to help you :D keep up the good work Jessie we love what you are doing! :)

  25. AishiN

    So the prof is a thigh-high man, huh? :D

  26. Dark Illusions

    Jess never disappoints, and always makes us wait that extra strip.


  27. Saorla

    @AishiN all the good men are. :P

  28. La Duchesse


  29. Carl-E

    [catches La Duchesse before she hits the floor]

    Now, now, don’t whimper – the waiting will be over soon enough…

  30. Gaylegee

    Awww….that was sweet Carl-E ^_^

  31. La Duchesse

    *revives enough to make vaguely anticipatory noises, then faints again*

    I just can’t handle the tension.. *moan*

  32. Lil Miss

    Well, at least no one’s melted yet. We all just got the mess from the last few pages cleaned up.

    *splashes a moaning Duchesse with a bucket of water*

    … Sorry, I thought it would help the atmosphere >.>

  33. La Duchesse

    *splutterspluttercough* Gah!

  34. Yo

    Ha! You guys…really help pass the time while we anxiously await the next update! ALWAYS amusing, tantalizing…:)

  35. shellymc

    Bum dimple!! ^_____^

    So cute!

  36. Stephen Wells

    Hmmm… how long has it been since the good lady _last_ went for a ride? I hope she’ll be okay… of course no-one can say she hasn’t had a very thorough warm-up.

  37. Tigergulp

    Oh God! I just realized that I won’t be able to get an update til next week cause I’ll be at my brothers’ for turkeyweek and I don’t have a freaking laptop to check! AAEEEEIIII!!!!! *pulls hair*

  38. Saorla

    Oh my gosh!! He does have a bum dimple!!

    @tigergulp- like you’d really want your brother to know you look at delight.. I mean dirty things….

  39. Froggy


    Nonsense! I daresay he might learn something from it. > w o

    *grins evilly* Delightful indeed…my poor friend who’s evil mother deprived her of her laptop will be so depressed…

  40. Meow

    I’m hoping to be in the same position come Wednesday… *sigh* I love your art, Jess.

  41. Caliypso

    Mmm, I’m all a shiver with antici … pation!

  42. La Duchesse

    I wonder.. what manner of feast would be on the festive board in this household at Thanksgiving? *chuckles to herself*

  43. Canuck-Errant

    @S.J. Hartsfield

    Don’t gattai in public! :C

  44. GreyGirl

    Oh you’re a tease. TwT
    Onto the next page! :D

  45. KaylaInRainbows

    I think I just broke my mouse… *squeezing inappropriately tightly*

  46. Froggy

    @Caliypso: You get bonus points for Rocky Horror quotes! *offers tea*

    @La Duchesse: I was wondering the EXACT same thing…all in favor of a pin-up of the Scientist trussed and bound up on the tea table like a turkey say aye! *raises hand*

  47. grandpa slim

    I turned 30 the same day they undressed.

    Logged in today to find this gem.

    Starting to wonder if my wife will enjoy this comic as much as I.

  48. Lenne

    AYE! *raises hand*

  49. La Duchesse

    @Froggy: A resounding AYE from my corner!

  50. elise

    AYEbsolutely. :)

  51. Alex

    let me thank you for drawing hair on his legs! it really bothers me when artists draw their men completely hairless, I mean, it’s just creepy. I love your style, keep up the great work (:

  52. kinkajou

    @Froggy: AYE!! Pick me, pick me! And I think he should be holding a piece of toast in his mouth… ;)

    I will never, ever, ever think of toast in a benign and wholesome way again. Lovely, just lovely. Happy Thanksgiving, ever’ body!

  53. Caliypso

    Heh thanks Froggy <3

  54. Mika

    o//////o Very hot….. very gorgeous… I don’t think i’ve ever been THIS interested in a web comic before, I can’t stop clicking “next”

  55. Genevieve

    The sheets the sheeets

  56. Jana

    Wow, as much as I love this comic, I don’t seem to be nearly as horny or as desperate as some of you other readers, creepy as well.

    Another great update though. =]

  57. Taigan

    ??? Did we loose a page?

  58. Dragonair

    Ahhh! Where did the rest of the comic go xD!

  59. Lenne

    I was wondering the same thing Dragonair! D: >

  60. Regina

    …. I’ll be in my bunk. <3

  61. Kay Em

    LOL @ Regina

  62. Salis

    Am I the only one lovin’ those stockings?