December 15th, 2009



  1. Lenne

    Its back : D!

  2. Melissa

    Who else had a mini-heart-attack when these disappeared? Phew!

  3. Ami

    I wondered about that! but it was a nice glimpse at the previous pages ;)

  4. Froggy

    I WONDERED what happened, everything was gone for a while… O o

  5. Dragonair

    Yay! It’s back. <3
    -fans self off-

  6. Lil Miss

    Allow me to get the mop ready, I sense another pile of melted people.

  7. Lurker #1

    Aww, darn. Hey guys. Been lurking since the beginning. Joined because the comment threads were awesome! <3 See you all soon. Love the comics so far!

  8. Ari K

    Hey, am I the only one seeing the old strip instead of the new one?


  9. Steve

    Beautiful work (as always). Thank you!

  10. E-rip-mave

    : D AHA! HA! HA! BITCH.

  11. Pearl

    The one thing that makes waiting for the next comic more bearable is the sweet memory of what showing this comic to my bf resulted in…
    Glad to see the comic is back!

  12. Leah

    For some reason I love the testicular movement of the last panel.. <.<

  13. La Duchesse

    *gasp!* What happened? *looks around in bewilderment*

    Wait. I probably shouldn’t be asking that kind of question, should I? :P

  14. Jill

    lol BlueCanary that made me laugh XD

  15. Carl-E

    Froggy, you sure that’s drool?

  16. TigerSpew

    Though I love ball jiggling as much as the next person, i’m getting a cramp in my neck from sitting here with my eyes glued to the monitor.

  17. Gaylegee

    *snicker snicker*

  18. CodyBlues

    I stop the world and melt with you.

  19. Odjit

    Aw, all the old comments are gone? :o

  20. Carl-E

    …and *that’s* why this comic needs a forum!

  21. Ami

    yeah, but then we’d need a bigger bucket for user-driven melting ;D

  22. TexadelphiaKid

    and a melt tally.

  23. Jen

    I’d be happy to start up a fan page on facebook if people are interested

  24. Odjit

    One would think you would be happy Carl-E! No evidence left for your daug- wait a minute, I see a connection here! :o !

  25. oscreamer

    i swear isabella keeps getting hotter and hotter. i’ve been reading this all in one session, so my memory serves… :D

    btw read my 2 worded username as u will ;)

  26. Beans

    Haha, Odjit! :D

  27. Carl-E

    Odjit, I only use my powers for good…

    Besides, wiping out bits and pieces of websites is pretty much beyond me! Most of my catastrophies are major. I’d probably take out all of jessfink.com with my luck, and that’s the *last* thing I want.

    Jen, a fan page is a good idea, but I won’t facebook. And if I did, I wouldn’t admit to this on it… can someone set up something on a free forum site?

    After you’re done drooling, of course ;)

  28. n3rdg1rl

    I am trying so hard to wait patiently for an update. Honest!

  29. [Daniellechan!]

    Sigh. I want some :/

  30. elise

    I’m DYING for an update! I wanna be part of the pile of mush..

  31. shellymc

    I am pouting for an update.


  32. Gaylegee

    *Joins Shellymc in her pout waiting for an update!*

  33. Yo

    Argh…waiting and trying to be patient!

  34. SpaceAce

    I spent an entire day reading every last update, and I can say with complete honesty that it was not a day wasted. At all. This series is a pleasure to read. Well done Ms. Fink.

  35. Chris Jones

    Hey, just found this comic for the first time today ’cause of Robot 6. Very classy, elegant and creative while at the same time totally boner-inducing. I’m a fan.

  36. BluArtst

    If we are really really good (and perhaps a little naughty) could we have an update for Christmas?

  37. Magdelyn

    I was really hoping for an update when this returned. Vote yes for a Christmas update!

  38. Aimee

    all I want for Christmas….. (big puppy-dog eyes) please….?

  39. Dragon

    Please? An Xmas update?

  40. Meer

    My man and I pulled this move today. I thought of this and started chuckling, and he looked at me funny XD

  41. Sandrisha

    ;__; The passionateness here makes me wish my fiance was with me right now…

  42. Salis


  43. Joe Mamma

    His turn!