December 23rd, 2009



  1. Fed

    aw….that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :D

  2. lolrobots

    Definitely enjoying the view in the first panel. ;-P

  3. kiki1983

    Very nice, love the transition frame, o and the frame we transition from…and don’t forget the one we transition to! O goodness, the whole thing is fantastic as always. I get a very couple VS couple vibe heh *applauds*…who’ll win?

  4. TexadelphiaKid

    Awww! Simultaneous love! And in time for Christmas, too. :D

  5. Lenne

    *sooo happy now~*

  6. darkamnios

    <3 this makes me happy.

  7. Leah

    Oh… OH! It’s amazing…

  8. BlueCanary1

    Oh wow. The look they’re giving each other in the second panel is phenomenal! Such a pretty page!

  9. Argyle4eva

    The symmetrical page layout is lovely here! Great “finish.” :D

  10. Moses

    so, this might be blasphemous, but the scientist and widow make me melt so much more than prissy and chester…

  11. Odjit

    No, I agree!
    <3 prof&isa

  12. Jill

    I like how Chester’s arms are wrapped multiple times around Prissy…I wonder if she can breathe…though if she couldn’t that would just intensify the pleasure hehe…Man it’s not even the 25th yet and already this is the best x-mas ever!

  13. Tigerspew

    Ah but this makes my insides feel all squishy and tingly and yearning…..

  14. Chrissy

    I love the “infinity” frames. :)

  15. S.J. Hartsfield

    Yay for mirror panels! Best Christmas ever!

  16. OhEhmGee

    OH OH! this has to be my favorite panel yet!

  17. Rachel

    Merry Christmas EVERYONE! *drool*

  18. CodyBlues

    God bless us…everyone!

  19. Arista

    This Chester update is the best x-mas gift ever.
    Thank you, Miss Fink <3

  20. Lurker #1

    Ah, Happy Holidays. May you have as much fun as the characters of Chester ;)

  21. Gaylegee

    Mmmm there’s a whole lot of lovin’ goin’ down in that house!

  22. Sara

    2nd panel kiss is just musical :3 What a glorious feeling! <3

  23. n3rdg1rl

    I like how they are in similar positions. Maybe they aren’t so different… Except one has vibrating fingertips. >___>

    Merry Christmas!!!

  24. An-G

    I’m so happy…

  25. Kelsey

    oh my…<3 I’m very thankful I have a living, breathing Chester of my very own…whew.

  26. shellymc

    Oh, panel 2… Swooooooon.

  27. Aimee

    Perfect! Thank you again! Can’t wait to see what the new year brings us!!!

  28. Saorla

    …. is it weird that to me, the scientists testicles look cute? lol maybe it’s the angle.

  29. n3rdg1rl

    @Saorla Not at all! He’s pretty much cute all over. ;)

  30. Carl-E

    Happy new year, everyone! Hope it finds you keeping warm and cozy…

  31. Lurker #1

    Happy New Years to you all. May 2010 be even better.

  32. Gaylegee

    Happy New Year! *throws confetti over everyone!*

  33. Padraig

    Deep Joy ;)

  34. Miss Chief

    *happy thoughts*

  35. hihi

    I love how the robot is sweating too lol

  36. Smoothesuede

    This could easily be the ending page to the series. Clearly it isn’t, but this looks like it could be a really warm and cozy finale.

  37. Shick

    New update not here….

    On a brighter note, my love got me a Vert shirt, which makes her the awesome-sauce. The most fun is seeing people react, and knowing why, and an instant conversation starter!

  38. Yo

    Still waiting…so sad…it’s the new year. Course…I guess if I were “stuck” in this situation for a few weeks…I might not mind so much…but the readers…we want more!

  39. Yo

    Still waiting…so sad…it’s the new year. Course…I guess if I were “stuck” in this situation for a few weeks…I might not mind so much…but the readers…we want more!

  40. oioi

    Superb, as always.

  41. shellymc

    I am now in mourning for an update. I am *this close* to taking to my rooms and needing my corsets loosened. For serious you guys.

  42. Foosline

    Damn, but you’ve given the scientist such a lovely butt.

    I think it should be put to good use soon. AHEM.

  43. Антон Павлович

    Вы ошибаетесь. Могу это доказать….

  44. Star-E-Skies

    The song “Love Shack” makes sense now