January 12th, 2010



  1. Trix

    Awww, I miss the swirly boarders. XD

  2. john

    This is so sutil. So beautiful. ♥

  3. Virsyon

    Ahhh, the morning after. Love that smile on Priscilla’s face in panel 5.

    Now I wonder how the other couple are this fine morning…and the reactions. Will they still respect themselves this morning or will the Victorian prudery come crashing down around their ears as the new day’s Logic cools the previous night’s Passion?

  4. Conzeit

    oh just genius, finally a little weakness from the miraculous fornication bot. But hey, getting a whole freakin mansion to climax probably excuses him, right? haha

  5. Lola

    Weakness?! On what planet is a bot who both fucks *and* does the dishes a weakness?! I’ll take 3 of those, please. One in chrome, one in pink, and one in red like Ironman, thanks!

  6. Virsyon

    Oh wait! My mistake. He’s cleaning up spilled morning coffee. But the warning still stands.

  7. Toothpick19

    Ooooh… new layout?!? interesting

  8. Jonathan

    I assume he’s cleaning up while everyone else is at rest? That’s how I took it, anyway. :) Beautiful rendering. Looks like it’s late at night.

  9. robby

    I love her JBF hair.

  10. Devian

    Awwww! This page was so cute to me for some reason. Chester all cleaning up while she’s resting. A calm after the stormy passion~
    Another wonderful update and always expecting more. :3

  11. An-G

    Aww…so nice…

  12. Lenne

    :’D beautiful.

  13. Jen

    I wonder how Pricilla will take it if/when she stumbles upon her husband and the lovely Ms. Isabell in her bed together….hmmm

  14. Kat

    I was wondering the same thing, Jen.

  15. B

    I love her dishevelled hair. Gorgeous.

  16. Ethel

    I think the scientist & the widow snuggled up together will be the cutest thing EVER! & really there’s no point complaining :P

  17. lolrobots

    It’s crazy how dark it seems now in the comic compared to when all the action was going on. I like it. It’s like a quiet break.

  18. Belle

    I think what I enjoy the most in this are the things not mapped out but are subtly obvious like feelings of contentment, security and commonality that are sort of a contrast to the passion of the moments before. Most love scenes don’t do that, you know, show you what happens next and makes you realize that it may have changed you personally but it’s like saying the world still spins after that earth-shattering night and life goes on. wow, I need sleep…that made no sense… sorry guys! ^_^

  19. Mandy

    Daawww don’t you just love his consistency. Much love~! And the coloring technique still doesn’t cease to amaze me.

  20. Ami

    I love this update <3 so peaceful.

  21. Joel

    Oh Chester, you are the perfect gentleman. Take me now

  22. Carl-E

    His batteries/springs/steam has *got* to be running low by now.

    Running on pure love…

  23. Shy Inventor

    Just read this from beginning to now in one go – have to say the art is inspirational and the storyline without words is awesome. Not much more I can say here that hasn’t already been said – Jess, your work is amazing.

    -Shy Inventor

  24. Lena

    I love this comic, but it does seem like chester is shaking… hm I just wish the updates were more frequent, but they are so worth the wait

  25. Abd Al-Azrad

    Style seems to have changed.

  26. Froggy

    Awww, Chester’s cleaning the disheveled tea table (well done Isabel. XD), and Priscilla just looks so happy…

    Also looking forward to Robert and Isabel’s snuggling, too~!


  27. Beans

    Mourning the swirls.

    They made ice-cream taste better.

  28. Stephen Wells

    Going to assume that Priscilla needs warm snuggles and is looking for the other two to provide same.

  29. Haigaiz

    You guys who are missing the swirls… They’ll be back! I’ve loved from the beginning how the border gets more organic and flowing as the passion heats up. There’s just nothing steamy enough about cold tea and sore bodies to elicit that beautiful border work =]

  30. TexadelphiaKid

    @Froggy- NASA has no funding. Can we get a Paypal thing going? :D

  31. n3rdg1rl

    I like how there is dark around Chester’s eyes. Looks like he is worn out, too!

  32. Froggy

    Ohhh, yeah, I forgot, my laptop dies on a Robotics trip and a whole room of NASA engineers from my own hometown can’t fix it.

    *holds out jar that says “Build Our Own Chester Fund* Taking donations~!

  33. Naura

    I am going to assume Stephen Wells’ theory as well :3

  34. Anony

    The spilled coffee is from pg. 214 (as you can see if you jump from the address bar)

    Keep up the great work!