January 19th, 2010



  1. Vert!

    Finally…made it to the beginning.

  2. Sumi-tan

    I see a butt!! >.> hehe…

  3. Foosline

    And what a fine butt it is.

    I hope she’s not shocked or anything. She had to have seen this coming from 100 miles away.

  4. Kayla

    Jess, you’re so good at keeping us in suspense!

  5. Froggy

    Is she displeased, shocked, or approving. WE MUST KNOW~!

    Plus, I want a closer look at the view Robert’s giving us. > w O

  6. mirotrillian

    yay! yay butt!

    What is character development? I only know butt :D

  7. Lenne

    Do I sense jealousy? *raises eyebrow*

  8. Zoe

    Do I see a threesome in the future? Please say yes.

  9. Dark Illusions

    She caught them! Does she jump into bed with them now?

  10. lolrobots

    It seems like she’s just checking in on everything. :-P

  11. kiki1983

    she just looks surprised, hmmm nice job of hiding her face in that last panel…keeping us hanging!!

  12. Naura

    How will she react? What will she do? Gahhh, I want to know!!!

  13. Nikki

    I’m loving the art on this one!

  14. trisandy

    uh oh – it’s on now…

  15. Angel

    Explode time? XD
    heading back to robot lover? xD

  16. Lummi

    I don’t think she will be annoyed by it. Probably a little bit shocked. :)

  17. Ethel

    i hope for a tilted head & a sweet smile that suggests ‘d’aawww’

  18. S.J. Hartsfield

    Oop! The discovery! Were I not standing up, I’d be at the edge of my seat!

  19. Mandy

    And so by popular demand we now haave……… *drumroll*

  20. Tats_n_Tails

    I bet it will be a sweet smile and a gentle closing of the door.

  21. John Evans


  22. Beans

    Is it just me that thinks her face looks odd in panel four?

  23. Stakky

    I’m having a bit of a hard time approving of Isabell and the Scientist! They are so cute, but … I don’t know. He’s still married; Chester is a robot, so that seems a little different to me, somehow. I hope Priscilla wont be jealous, then maybe I’ll get over it, hehe :)

  24. Nicolarolla

    Dom dom dom…

    “But our divorce isn’t even final yet!”

    Squee! Can’t wait to find out what the verdict is. :D Yay for updates!

  25. Jen

    Meh…..as much as I like this comic and enjoy it. I can’t help but feel disapproving of both participants. Marriage is marriage…if you want to see another girls hoo ha and another man’s diddle, get divorced. Even if that other man happens to be a super awesome vibrator. Then again…the professor did build it for her….what a predicament.

  26. Foosline

    Some people have open marriages. There’s a difference between cheating and swinging, after all.

  27. JessFink

    As much as I like to see people try to figure out a wordless comic I guess I should say I don’t really believe in the idea that marriage is marriage. I really believe the world is a gigantic place where all sorts of different relationships can happen. It just depends on who you are and what you feel comfortable with. If you feel comfortable inviting someone into your relationship and so does your partner, then there you go. And as always in life and in stories sometimes things just happen, it’s not about right or wrong (fuzzy notions anyway in my opinion).

  28. LT

    If I were a betting girl, (which I’m not) I’d wager that the Mrs is going to join the Mr and the Widow for some cuddles.

    P.S. Jess, I love this comic and I love your Threadless t-shirts.

  29. syd

    chester doesn’t sleep snuggly with her… priss slept alone on the couch while he cleaned up after everyone and then she finds the new couple asleep together. maybe a little jealousy there… miss fink, your art is divine..

  30. Sara

    Amen to that, Jess! The “sanctity” of marriage is getting rather draconian, when there are all kinds of wonderful relationships and little families nowadays.

  31. Renee

    I just want to know what is in that box — the one in the foreground in the last panel. As for the wife, I think she was just heading to bed (not ‘chika bow’ bed but real sleep bed) and then came across a bit of an issue. I get the impression that she is okay with the scientist’s relationship with the other woman but may need to utilize a guest room – or better Chester’s room! – for the night.

  32. CodyBlues

    Wait…can you marry a robot?

  33. Gaylegee

    Teehee…scientist butt…

  34. TexadelphiaKid

    Prissy’s expression: I’ll take “curious amusement” for 1000.

  35. Elvis

    It probably is nice to have a real live human to snuggle up with. Methinks the bride is going to be a little jealous and upset, even if it takes her a short while to realize it.

  36. n3rdg1rl

    Hmm, I say it could go either – Smile and leave the room thinking they are cute, or “Huh, so this is how HE must have felt” and be kind of sad. I also agree with Jess. I have had… shall we say ‘complicated’ relationships, and even though it was hard sometimes, I have never felt more loved before or since. Maybe this could work out to be a fun poly household. :D

  37. Froggy

    Love is love, that’s what I say. I’m with Jess.

    The world is vast and different and so are we, let’s follow what feels good and makes us happy.

  38. Sirach

    CodyBlues — If a district attorney can endict a ham sandwitch, then I guess you can probably marry anyone….anything…..oh whatever….up to and including a ham sandwitch.

  39. CodyBlues

    Not to get into a whole big…thing.

    But, I gotta say. When you care for someone, and you see that person in anothers arms…it hurts…trust me.

    But, free love is all good too…cheating on the otherhand…not so much.

  40. CKN

    I’m especially interested in what is going to happen as these straight-laced borders are such a departure from the norm (for this comic) and their potential significance is wierding me out.

  41. Hawk

    The question I have is, how much of what went on in the tea room did Priscilla miss? I can imagine she isn’t that surprised that Scientist made love to the widow; if there’s any surprise here, it’s that they’re asleep together.

    I agree that love is love; but I also think that inviting others into your marriage can be tricky and very painful if something goes wrong. One hopes that things work out here.

  42. Vert!

    ….then everyone had a wonderful orgy filled with oil and laughs and fun and in the end everyone was a-ok. the end.

  43. Artgeek

    I think everyone is right to a certain degree. I think as long as all parties involved agree to the “terms” of the relationship then anything goes.

    Personally, i’m pretty selfish, so i can’t imagine the one i love most being with someone else. I multi task like crazy as is and when you juggle so many things it’s hard to give a large percentage of yourself to others. I can’t image Poly Marriages….Even if they all agree, you know there has to be some wicked jealousy flowing under the surface….MRAWR!

  44. Kira

    As much as I agree, the sanctity of marriage should be upheld.. I do believe you shouldn’t have to be miserable.. and she was miserable.. and lonely… and felt unloved. Her heart wasn’t in it.. and in those days… was divorce really a choice? She would be looked down upon… both of them weren’t right for each other.. I believe in love over marriage..

  45. Jen

    @Jess, I hope my comment didn’t offend you or anyone else for that matter. I guess it’s just my point of view. Though I still thoroughly enjoy this comic and I know the world isn’t simply black and white. Just my thoughts that are milling around my head.

  46. will

    @ CodyBlues

    But, I gotta say. When you care for someone, and you see that person in anothers arms…it hurts…trust me.

    When you know without question that walking up will get you included 100% by both other parties, it truly does not.

  47. GreyGoose

    Thoust cannot be jealous because thou art have a living dildo.

  48. HPN

    Me and my girlfriend have made a little bet about the reaction of Priscilla, if she will be jealous or accomodant.^^

  49. n3rdg1rl

    @Artgeek: I respectfully disagree. I don’t think that jealosy is a part of love.

  50. TexadelphiaKid

    I think jealousy is very much a part of love. It shouldn’t be a big part, but even if you trust your partner(s) implicitly, you might feel jealous at some point. We’re all human and it’s a pretty basic emotion. I think that as long as you accept and understand why you feel that way, you can move past it. I don’t think jealousy should impact your relationship or how you see/react to your partner(s)’ actions.

  51. Andar

    And when Cupid got jealous, he turned into the Green-eyed Monster. Love and Jealousy have always been linked, and it is probably not entirely a bad thing. When one is (slightly) afraid of losing something he views as ‘his’ (or hers,) it should lead to greater efforts to express his affection.

  52. Dani

    I have to admit: I find it very humorous that the whole ‘sanctity’ of marriage bit is being brought up around here. 1. It’s a comic. 2. It’s a COMIC. 3. Chester is a robot.

    I truly do not believe our dear little Pricilla is any sort of upset with the coupling of Robert and Isabella. Between herself and Chester (and clearly she favors Chester) as well as the fact that Chester handed Isabella to the scientist… practically on a silver platter… well, you get where I’m going with this.

    If happiness was found by all, then it shall be a happy ending. Married or not.

  53. Stephen Wells

    The really important question: which of them will she spoon with?

  54. Gaylegee

    Awwww I wanna see them make a Scientist sandwich!

  55. Child of my time

    “But our divorce wasn’t even finalized yet..”


  56. Bernadette

    pricilla now understands how the scientist felt back in page 3. jess, you are a wonderful writer.

  57. Stephen Wells

    Isn’t it remarkable that Jess has conveyed character and emotional depth without ever providing a single word of dialogue? Definitely buying the book when it comes out. You will ship to the UK, right? :)

  58. Lummi

    Oh god, please ship to the UK! :)

  59. Yin

    hey… why can’t I view this comic? I can see all the other pages >:

  60. Alex Gordon

    Полезное сообщение…

  61. Kylie Batt

    Я думаю, что Вы не правы. Я уверен. Давайте обсудим. Пишите мне в PM….

  62. Kylie Batt

    Не могу сейчас поучаствовать в обсуждении – нет свободного времени. Но освобожусь – обязательно напишу что я думаю….