January 26th, 2010


Well everyone! That is the end of this chapter of Chester!

This is also the end of the Chester book which will be coming out in August 2010. In the coming months I’ve got A LOT of work to do on this book and my time travel memoir We Can Fix it. Hence I’ll be ceasing regular updates for a little while.

Don’t worry your pretty little head though! I’ve already got more Chester stories lined up. This next one is going to be SO SILLY, you do not even know. Sexy silly… Sexly. Silexy?


  1. Madison

    I am so excited for the book to come out! This is one of the best comics I’ve ever read and the story is amazing! I can’t wait to see the next silexy chapters! :D

  2. TexadelphiaKid

    Absolutely perfect.

  3. That One Kid

    I believe the term you are looking for is “Slexy”.

  4. red2black

    I love the look on the third panel :) it sets the whole emotion of this update

  5. Gentlebutfirm

    You know, as I get older I appreciate silliness more and more. You seem to have the ability to get the balance just right…

  6. Trix

    This is so sweet it’s rotting my teeth. <3

  7. CodyBlues

    I just heard a very loud “awwwwwww” in my head.

  8. JennyBunny

    Wunnderful! ^^

  9. Nicolarolla

    Me too, Cody!

  10. Mike

    Incredible cute couples these four make, when properly paired, of course.

  11. Ethel

    haha!!! i was right ^_^ sad to be seeing the end of this story (for now) but thank you for all your beautiful lovely work Jess :)

  12. Afrox

    Chester book! I will buy it and people will ask me what I’m reading and I will say I’m reading a robot boner comic and they will be confused/aroused

    :D bravo madame! a nice ending!

  13. Stephen Wells

    Her expressions in panels 2 and 3 are worth a thousand words apiece. NEED BOOK REQUIRE BOOK WILL DEVELOP TIME TRAVEL TO OBTAIN BOOK.

  14. darrylayo

    Congratulations, Jess! I cannot wait to get the Big Chest(er)

    (sorry, pun skills aren’t up to par this early in the morning)

  15. kiki1983

    “Thank goodness he found someone too,” She thinks. Aww! Every1 is where they’re meant to be, no fights just good smexin’! YAY!

  16. Aimee

    Perfect ending, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next!

  17. Jonathan

    That was an awesome finish to an awesome spot of tea. I’m so glad everyone seems so happy!

  18. Katums the Fierce and Squishy

    Aww, so cute! I love how the candle illuminates Chester’s heart in the third panel. So sweet! ^_^

  19. OhEhmGee

    I love that the scientist has kept eye contact with the girl he (loves?) Makes it 100% better in my eyes. Everyones happeh, and therefore I am happeh!

  20. Kathriinah

    nawwwwwwwwwww that is just so sweet ^^
    wooot go scientist =D
    makes me ver happy ^^

    congratz jess!

  21. Froggy

    SHE APPROVES! SHE APPROVES! *flails like a spaz and falls off her own bed*

    Owie. Spazzitude aside.

    Adorable. Truly adorable, and while I’m semi-sad to see this chapter go, I’m sooooo excited to see Chester’s next adventure~!!

  22. goodbyebridge

    Great end *sigh*. Thanks so much for Chester! I hope we all don’t have to wait too long for more. I can’t wait to buy the book in August.

  23. Hierophantria

    Wonderful! What an utterly fantastic way to end the chapter. As always, I am eager to see more. And a book in August? Yay!!

  24. Lenne

    *weeps with glee*

  25. Brian


  26. Gaylegee

    *She props her head on her hands and pouts her lower lip* Ohhhh that’s so nice….

  27. Rinah

    Haha I think in panel 2 she might have a rush of memories about her relationship with the scientist because she looks a little sad, but by panel three she seems to have decided that this set up is much more suited.

  28. Jill

    She rather stick to her man with buns of steel…hey it’s not any worst than that first pun, is it? Anyway…

    It was an absolute pleasure to read this, and I seriously cannot WAIT for the next Chester story! Brava, Jess!

  29. S.J. Hartsfield

    I’m so glad she’s not mad! Hooray!

  30. Carl-E

    Gaylegee, put that lip back where it belongs… no pouting here!

    I half expected her to help chester “order up” breakfast in bed for the four of them…

    Ain’t love grand?

  31. Jen

    Yay, happy ending for the chapter \o/
    i hate cliff hangers

  32. An-G

    Yaaaaaay I am all smiles!

    I am going to snugglerize my man tonight for sure :-)

  33. Toni

    Amazing ending :) I can’t wait for the book// new story line. Guess I’ll just re-read Chester while I wait :D

  34. Jessica


  35. Pep

    Story is fantastic
    It teaches so much about human emotions
    So deep…

  36. Devian

    I can’t wait for the next chapter and for this book you keep speaking of. I want it! > w<
    Thanks for another great update!!

  37. Tigergulp

    Ain’t love grand? (bats eyes)

  38. Lita

    You’ve touched my heart. And all points south…
    Thank you!

  39. Alice

    Aww, so sweet.

  40. Aldea

    An excellent end to this chapter! I love to see Pricilla happy that her husband and the widow are happy together. Of course, I’m still rooting for them to all be One Big Happy. Pricilla and the Scientist, the Widow and Chester; they have great potential too!

  41. Victoria

    I just love how Chester’s heart shows up next to the glow of the candle in panel three. What a beautiful touch to a lovely end of a chapter.

  42. Arista

    I will most certainly be waiting for the book with anxiety <3
    Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter!

  43. Emjay

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!! =D

  44. Jaymo

    Love how this story ended on my birthday!

    Looking forward to more! thanks!

  45. Jeff

    Beautiful, beautiful work. I’m going to buy a copy of the book for my sweetie when it comes out!

  46. arestocracy

    Got here via Danielle’s Girls With Slingshots. Read from the beginning. AWESOME, fun comic!

  47. Yo

    Will be anxiously awaiting book AND next story. Thanks for letting us know that we need to wait–at least we can be prepared! :) Really enjoy your flair for romance and your curly borders! Miriam

  48. Lena

    her expression is..almost maternal in the third panel, makes me smile ^^

  49. razmataz

    when I saw the first two panel, i thought there’s going to be a fight over the scientist. ( I secretly hope that there will be a continuation! Oh please, Please!)

  50. TexadelphiaKid

    Maternal? That could get sketchy later on…

  51. Angel

    More! MOOOOORE! xD

  52. Also Madison

    @Lena Maternal is exactly what I was thinking! The sweetness of this page is what sucked me into the story – it’s so intriguing and awesome and D’AWWW!!! I came here from Anders Loves Maria a few days ago and I’ve already read the archives twice xD;; /spazzing out

    *counts money until she can buy Vert! and Tea Time shirts* …At least I have some time to save for the book…

  53. ellipher

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must look at it again and again and again!!!!!!

  54. CodyBlues

    I hope they have babies soon…I just thought of something.

    What is teh robutt and that lady gunna do bout making a baby?

  55. Anna

    Absolutely amazing so far! I can’t wait for more! Good luck with the book. :)

  56. Beach

    I demand more Chester!

  57. Ctlynnie

    I found this comic via Girls With Slingshots and promptly had to go through all the archives to catch up. I love this comic – it’s not every day you find a comic that contains no words and that depends solely on the artwork to tell the story. And you tell the story wonderfully.

    I’m very much looking forward to future updates. :)

  58. Banus Silvermane

    I linked from Menagé a 3 yesterday and immediatly became a fan. You are a great artist and I think that your ability to tell a complete story with absolutely no dialogue is phenominal and a show of extreme talent! I can’t wait for more :D

  59. grandpa slim

    That is the price, Cody.

  60. Chan

    I just found this comic and it’s amazing, and so is your art. I love how there’s no dialogue. It makes it so…I dunno intense? I can’t wait for the next story. 8D

  61. Angel

    Need more story now! NOOOOW! XD

  62. CodyBlues

    Maybe down the line she will. it would probably come up in a epilogue or something after the storys over.

    Sorry, i’ve got nothing to do today except post random things reguarding nothing.

  63. n3rdg1rl

    Maybe the widow would allow the scientist to ‘donate sperm’ to Priscilla’s baby-yearing.

  64. Stephen Wells

    Priscilla is married to the scientist and doesn’t need anyone else’s permission, no?

  65. Also Madison

    Hey, Priscilla’s not a half-bad mechanic either, from when she patched Chester up. I’m sure the two of them could engineer a cute li’l robo-baby!

  66. CodyBlues

    Maybe the widow would object?

  67. FiddleDiddle

    so relieved there was no suprise drama

  68. TexadelphiaKid

    Or maybe the Scientist could help Priscilla and Chester create their very own little robot bundle of joy.

  69. CodyBlues

    And that robutt maybe is evil? Who’s head will that be on?

  70. TexadelphiaKid

    But with parents like Prissy and Chester, Baby XYV 5001 can’t be evil! (S)he’ll use his/her powers for good!

  71. Deadly Construct

    I have to say I really enjoy this ending. Your control of the story without words is truly amazing you have a great talent and saying everything you need to with expressions. I just love the transition from her looking almost hurt to accepting and even liking her husband and the widow together. Just so beautiful.

  72. cindylouwho962

    when is a new comic coming???? I’ve been checking for WEEKS!

  73. n3rdg1rl

    You two are really silly. :)

  74. CodyBlues

    Gotta do something to past the time till the next one xD

  75. Mara

    I followed the link to the book on the side!! *points to left side of web browser*
    I’m so excited. I’m going buy it once… I get… the money to spare… e o
    I’ve been bragging about how I’m going to own it the first chance I get. All my friends are already jealous ;D
    Can’t wait until I can!

  76. Casie Smith

    I love your comic. One of my friends told me about it and suggested I read it. I love it.

  77. Hawk

    Aw maaaan I just got done with the archives…!

  78. TexadelphiaKid

    I like silly. It keeps me occupied. :)

  79. CodyBlues

    Yes, Silly can be fun. But what else could be done to have fun?

  80. TexadelphiaKid

    So many things… a good book, for instance.

  81. CodyBlues

    the fountainhead?

  82. TexadelphiaKid

    More like The Awakening

  83. CodyBlues

    Dear GOD!

    Will you merry me?

  84. dim

    what’s going on with the updates???

  85. TexadelphiaKid

    Merry or marry?

    “Merry you” could mean all sorts of things, but “marry you” is very definite.

    I could merry you, but possibly wait on the marrying.

  86. CodyBlues

    I ment merry that involves dancing and signing.

    Also, the x-mas version.

  87. Alleyneko

    wow I love this, I really want the book…maybe I’ll have the funds to get it in august. Though I am with everybody else in I really want a four way…possibly with the professor and chester while the girls watch and get horny…hehehe.

    Hididaly dee a voyers life for me lol

  88. TexadelphiaKid

    Dancing and singing online is hard to do. What would merrying me entail?

  89. Amomynous

    I love the Awakening….damn that woman needed a looove robot HUH! haha *cheapening good literature*

  90. CodyBlues

    Not much…unless your near queens ny.

  91. Anon

    Charming, yummy, and refreshing. I’d like to see more of it!

  92. Kylie Batt

    Мне нравится это топик…

  93. Kylie Batt

    В этом что-то есть. Большое спасибо за информацию. Вы оказались правы….

    Hence I’ll be ceasing […….

  94. simz

    i demand more