Chester 5000 XYV
November 12th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Ashvati

    I love it when the woman starts kicking ass instead of just sitting on her ass gasping when her love needs her to do something.

  2. Person thing

    I love the 5th panel for some reason. Maybe it’s just the scientist’s pose and expression. It’s great.

  3. Person thing

    Dammit, I meant to say 4th*

  4. Kira

    HELL YES, FINALLY! Kick HIS ass!

  5. E-rip-mave


  6. Mika

    Cromm – No it’s the fact that he basically ignored his wife’s needs and created a robot so he could do work instead of take care of her himself, then when the robot treats her the way she SHOULD be treated, he gets all pissy and tries to break it apart. It’s his own fault really, you reap what you sew =P

  7. Tarlonis

    @Ashvati Um…she’s not doing any asskicking here?
    @Cromm You are correct.

    What needs to happen now is a dialogue (I know, nothing written for us though) about how the Husband feels, how the Wife feels, and how they feel about Chester’s continued existance. Too much reacting is bad, mistakes are made if you don’t try to think about it from the other’s perspective.

  8. LittlebitLost

    Am I the only one who thinks of Pocahontas when the see the last panel?

  9. Regina

    Oh, if only Sci’s expression in panel 5 was in a different context. T.T

  10. Christina

    Bravo Semper! Well said, I really feel for the scientist. Everything he did was out of love and he was the one betrayed.