Chester 5000 XYV
November 13th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Amanda

    WHAM! Right in the kisser!

  2. Gizmo

    Yeah! You go girl!!

  3. Tigergulp

    Woo! That’s righ foo’! Don’t mess with my MAN! Er….

    I blame the husband! *runs*

  4. Kane

    He created him for her… and so she takes the creation instead. Ouch. I think I would have just left a long time ago and saved myself the pain the man is in right now.

  5. Vampyrr

    Wow shes such a bitch

  6. Firepuppy

    Mmm… I side with her on this one. He ignores her, resists her, and tells her to go play with dolls (essentially). When she shows a preference for the doll he takes it away. When the doll comes back for her (displaying -genuine- affection for her), he tries to destroy it. If this were the modern era, she’d have divorced him LONG ago, I bet…

  7. Kitten

    INDEED. I’d be like “don’t build me a robot that can and will do what I want when I want, treats me better then you do, and then try to be a douche when I like IT better than I like YOU.”

  8. FreckledLily

    I agree with Firepuppy wholeheartedly. <3

  9. Rose

    I think it is kind of sad. Scientist is really fighting for her love and it just won’t help.

  10. Mercury

    Atta’ girl!

  11. Jessimay

    Hear, hear. He was ridiculously cruel and selfish through most of the comic, I’m glad he learned his lesson.

  12. Leia


  13. Malek

    HOW WAS HE RIDICULOUSLY CRUEL OR SELFISH! How long do you think it takes to build a robot. He built that for her so she wouldn’t feel lonely while he worked his ass off for her, I fail to understand you people!

  14. Mitka21

    HIT ‘IM AGAIN!!!

  15. Oh man.

    Right now, I think of both of them as stupid jerks. You heard right; both.
    What the hell, both are resorting to violence without even talking it out!

  16. mistresszaddeh

    I still feel bad for him.. he tried to do something nice for his wife, to satisfy her.. But she forgot that.. and him and fell in love with Chester. He wasnt an IDEAL husband…but… Hmm lets see how this keeps going..

  17. Mystery Man

    I find myself cheering for the scientist. Maybe it’s the fact that he had no way of anticipating this, or maybe it’s the fact that even now, he’s still fighting for her.

    Darn it, I wish he could build a time machine, go back so he never created Chester, then drop by in the 21st Century for some viagra.

  18. A new reader

    I love her face in the last panel. It’s like “Great, now I have to clean this mess up”.

  19. Silverjak

    He wouldn’t BE jealous if he didn’t, in some way, care for her. Yes he has issues, but he still does care for her or he wouldn’t have gotten jealous in the first place.

    If he DIDN’T care for her he wouldn’t have cared one iota if she took up with the machine…

  20. Mika

    I agree “Just an observer”

  21. Emma

    On the other hand, the husband always ignored her whenever he came home – I don’t blame her for thinking he wouldn’t understand, even if I think she should’ve said something. They’re both at fault here.

    However I must say I cheered when she punched him. Why? Because of his reaction on finding out about her and Chester’s emotional relationship. Yelling and getting angry is understandable. Pulling away the key hard enough to make her short of breath, deactivating Chester and taking his heart in front of her, selling him and locking her inside when she protests, completely ignoring her sadness and expecting everything to be like before he made Chester, and then get mad when she rejects him… is not.

    The final straw is when Chester appears again. The husband has no qualms whatsoever in killing and/or taking him apart. That is in NO way excusable.

  22. Tiffany

    Dammnnnn kick ass girl :) )) haha

  23. wat

    People keep on mentioning how the husband ignored her and didn’t give her any emotional and physical love, which is somewhat true. However, the same can be said for the wife. Since the invention of Chester, the wife had not once given the scientist any attention. She didn’t even bother to try and make love with him and went straight over to Chester. Everyone seems so quick to blame the scientist, when he’s a victim too.

    People need to get off their high horse and see that both characters are in the wrong.

  24. hanerton

    Not true, wat. She came to him after her first time with chester, dressed up and everything, and he still paid her no mind. He wanted her there but was not willing to give her what she needed. She didn’t need a dildo, she needed a partner.

  25. tfan101

    She cares more about a walking dildo than her husband…………….thats messed up

  26. Judy


  27. Lynn

    The scientist is not fighting for her. He’s fighting for himself. He’s so worried about having her that he doesn’t care how she feels about it. He’s objectifying her, like she’s HIS and no one else’s, but he doesn’t have the common courtesy to treat her like she needs to be treated.

    She wanted him. He turned her away repeatedly. He decided, “I don’t want to deal with everything in a relationship, so the parts I don’t like, I’ll shirk off to some robot I built so I don’t have to deal with it”. That’s not love. He doesn’t love her, really. He just wanted her and married her and expected her to sacrifice everything for him.