Well hello there

Hi everyone!

Look, it’s me! I’m here!
In fact I’ve been here THE WHOLE TIME. I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately asking where I’ve been and where the comic has been and I just wanted to pop in and give some info.

I’ve been really busy in the past couple of months and I don’t really use the Chester blog as a place to update my statis. If you want to keep up with new developments please follow me on Livejournal or twitter which are 2 things I update VERY frequently.

SO- the busy things I’ve been up to, in case you were wondering:

- completed a 33 page comic for the Band Mindless Self Indulgence that was published by Image
- Worked on all final elements for my graphic novel We Can Fix it
- We had some bumps in the road for the Chester book which required me to re scan and and re clean every page of the book, so that took up a good chunk of my time. (should be out by May if there are no further bumps!)
- Started a journal comic site! http://jessfink.com/kwe/
- Finally quit my job! WOO!

There’s more to that list, but those are the big things! In other news, some pages from Chester will be on display at the Museum of Sex in New York this week! If you are in the neighborhood, drop on by!


There will be more stories to come for Chester, please Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your hats.


  1. Professor Caprion

    Excellent news! Glad to hear you’re still alive!

  2. John Evans

    Well hello again!

  3. M

    Hat holding be damned!

    Moar [h3573R !!!


  4. Annie

    Thank goodness, I was starting to think you were dead…

  5. Rissey

    I am very much looking forward to the return of Chester!

  6. Merbrat

    Seen this?

  7. Kay

    Wonderful news!