Chester 5000 XYV
October 23rd, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Amanda

    Oh no! :(

  2. Simply Fan

    I don’t see a reason why the husband should be jealous, considering he made the robot for his wife. I supose the unexpected suprise of finding your wife in love with your creation is a little agrivating. Though what should hubby expect? He’s never there. Oops, getting carried away…Love the twists in this storyline.

  3. Ashvati

    I suppose he didn’t think she could get emotionally attached to him. Considerring this is aparently victorian times, I’m not entirely suprised if he didn’t know some women can get emotionally attached to a vibrator… he still should have known this could happen, but I can see how he could have been suprised.

  4. hae

    but he’s also a very sweet vibrator! who takes her on picnics and things! He basically gave her a hassle-free man.

  5. Dillon

    I suppose he was hoping that she would recognize his gesture in making the bot, but alas she has forgotten him.

  6. Stellabl89

    <3 Doorviant’s comment.

  7. Kirby

    oh, male doctors. What other injustices will you continue to make?

  8. brittgurl

    @kirby: look up “female circumcision”. no joke; guy docors are seriously dense, and yes, this happened rather frequently. actually, it’s still happeneingg in some places around the world

  9. An-G

    @ Doorviant and Tae…

    How times have changed, eh?
    Now we are lucky enough to get men who feel emasculated if they aren’t “pleasin’ their woman”

    Well, at least I do. I assume other people do as well.

  10. Jay

    Seconding An-G. Man there’s nothing worse than being no where remotely in the mood when the wife says ‘let’s go’. It happens so often I should buy stock in Duracell

  11. Tarlonis

    Now, the wife replacing the original photo of her and her husband with her and Chester? He’s every right to be outraged, her making new photos in different settings/poses is one thing but she’s quite literally replacing him with that particular gesture.

  12. Foosline

    I feel bad for her husband, really… yeah, he DID make the robot for her, but he made it because Chester could keep up with her needs all the time… no human man would probably be able to AND do his job AND still have any energy left.

    And now this… kinda sad.

  13. Auburn

    Up until the 20th century, female circumcision was done in the Western world—including the US. Male circ was also popular as it was believed to stop little boys from masturbating. In the 50s, they circ’d soldiers in the war to more easily treat/prevent venereal diseases. When they came home, everyone circ’d their sons so they’d be like their father. Male circ (though popular here) is just as ugly and brutal as female circ. I saw videos of how it’s done in hospitals (the babies cry so hard they choke) and I cried.

  14. ooa3603

    she didn’t replace him only because of the toy, she replaced him because he never payed her any attention, a person can only take being ignored for so long

  15. New Reader

    Damn, just let ME have the scientist…

  16. S

    Auburn, “female circumcision” isn’t actually circumcision – it’s genital cutting/mutilation.

    Male circumcision – cutting off the foreskin.

    Female “circumcision” – cutting off part or all of the clitoris.

    So it’s more akin to cutting off a penis (or the head of it) than just the foreskin. As Tarlonis said, it’s a cruel and horrifying thing to do to anyone.

  17. GlassFlowers13

    I just love the lack of dialogue in this comic. It’s like the expressions on their faces say everything.