Chester 5000 XYV
October 24th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. vacherin

    it’s his own damn fault, how can he justify anger?

  2. Klaus von H.

    I absolutely love the way you drew his face in panel 5. You have such a magnificent style!

  3. Ocho


    Made the robot.

    My spaces where one space off.

  4. Hagure


    He’s a man.


    Me too.

    I never thought I’d get into an erotic comic (too “H” I always thought). But this is a wonderful love story!

  5. Ashvati

    The fact that its his fault would only make it feel worse for him. If your love leaves you and you realize its your own fault, do you go “Oh, okay” and instantly get over it because it was your own fault? No, you feel even worse.

  6. Jolin

    ashvati: Damn right you are.

  7. Ninez

    @Ashvati: True, you feel worse – it’s natural to feel guilt, sadness and anger over lost love of any kind. But feelings of anger and vengeance because a situation you unnecessarily created has not gone the way you wanted is not justifiable. It’s not logically or morally sound.

    However, me thinks the man of science really doesn’t give a rats a$$ about logic or morals at the moment….

  8. Simon

    True, however, jealousy is seldom a rational emotion.

  9. KingMissile9

    Humans aren’t always logically or morally driven. Jealousy kicks in and you best get out the way.

  10. Silverjak

    Jealousy and rationality do NOT go hand in hand. More often than not jealousy CANNOT be rationalized, by men OR women… Its not “he’s a man, go figure”…

  11. Mara

    I just read through the comics, and I’m SO glad that there weren’t a lot of people who just wrote it off to “he’s a man.” As so many people said, jealousy is not rational. Besides the fact that he obviously didn’t want her to fall in LOVE with Chester (although why he expected she wouldn’t, I have no idea).

  12. La Duchesse

    @Silverjak: Emotion is irrational by its very definition because it stems from the primal parts of us, ne c’est pas?

  13. Tarlonis

    Well Mara, why would he expect her to fall in love with a “machine” ? Just because it behaves LIKE a human, and gives pleasure, doesn’t make it someTHING to love, does it? To his scientific mind, having built it from parts…having programed it’s life-LIKE responses to stimuli…he’d see it’s behaviour as nothing but programmed If/Then: :D
    Mind you if instead he’d built it with some tremendous A.I. …

  14. Regina

    Poor man. I feel quite sorry for him, I hope everyone can get along eventually.

  15. default

    This is why robotics technology is so far behind.

  16. zymish

    Morality is subjective. Morals don’t even come into this. He did a stupid thing, and now he’s suffering the consequences and isn’t happy about it. Pretty simple.

    New to the comic, by the way (I know, I’m late) and very much enjoying it so far.