Chester 5000 XYV
October 31st, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Ekio

    Very interesting comic indeed. I’m loving the intricate style you have ^-^

    Must say I love the husbands face in the first panel. I also love all your little pages of details of the robot in the middle of all the others.

  2. Ashvati

    Yes Pricilla, use the schematics to build a kill-bot to kill your husband and rescue your love from his new mistress!

  3. Joy

    She’s not creating another Chester is she?…

  4. Malek

    I don’t blame the scientist, chester was meant to be more of a vibrator, not a freaking replacement. The poor guy does something nice for his wife and the darned thing ends up replacing him.

  5. Carmine

    If she does intend to build another Chester, then what does that say about her? It would basically show that she doesn’t really care, since she can build another.

  6. Kira

    She couldn’t possibly build another, and NO, he’s still in the wrong. Women need physical and emotional love, if he wasn’t even screwing her, of course she’s going to fall in love with a perfect, sensitive, emotional, charming and damn good lay. Stupid men.

  7. Mystery Man

    @ Malek

    Agreed. Go men! Woo!

  8. X Intolerable X

    @ Kira

    Turning Lesbian in 5, 4, 3……

  9. Tarlonis

    Orrrrr……looking at the Theory of Chester she realizes that YUP it’s a ROBOT, not a Person :P

    (sorry had to play devil’s advocate here)

  10. hanerton

    Interestingly enough, desite all of the misconceptions, men fall in love not only faster than women, but their sense of worth and idenity also depend more on the woman than vice versa. They are a much higher suicide risk as well after a break up. So men may have trouble conveying things, but they are not stuid and are not heartless. Quite the contrary.

  11. Lady Paradox

    OR we stop looking at this as a ‘men are pigs’ or ‘women are hypocrites’ thing and simply take it for what it is, he was justified to be angry but was an insensitive ass for not considering her happiness. It is obvious that he is trying to hurt her back. She on the other hand is only guilty of falling in love after being starved of affection, yes she is a nympho but I doubt thats the only reason she was so unhappy because he ignored her in ALL aspects of thier life not just the bedroom.

  12. Torsoboy2005

    Wow! Intelligent replies! I never thought I’d see the day! Yeah, so I see many of the sides of the argument here, and I agree that she wouldn’t just build a second chester. It wouldn’t be the same. I think she should make a female one, and give it to him! Then go murder the bitch that bought her lover.