Saturday — April 30th, 2016


The Chester 5000 Kickstarter is was amazing, thank you everyone!
You can now purchase the book from Amazon and these stores:
Top Shelf



Sequential Tart Interview

Hey guys, I did an interview with Suzette Chan for Sequential Tart about how I came to draw porn and what I think about it! I think it is a nice interview, please enjoy!


Also, I did some guest art and a comic for one of my FAVORITE dirty comics, Curvy by Sylvan Migdal!
Check out the comic here:

Well hello there

Hi everyone!

Look, it’s me! I’m here!
In fact I’ve been here THE WHOLE TIME. I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately asking where I’ve been and where the comic has been and I just wanted to pop in and give some info.

I’ve been really busy in the past couple of months and I don’t really use the Chester blog as a place to update my statis. If you want to keep up with new developments please follow me on Livejournal or twitter which are 2 things I update VERY frequently.

SO- the busy things I’ve been up to, in case you were wondering:

- completed a 33 page comic for the Band Mindless Self Indulgence that was published by Image
- Worked on all final elements for my graphic novel We Can Fix it
- We had some bumps in the road for the Chester book which required me to re scan and and re clean every page of the book, so that took up a good chunk of my time. (should be out by May if there are no further bumps!)
- Started a journal comic site! http://jessfink.com/kwe/
- Finally quit my job! WOO!

There’s more to that list, but those are the big things! In other news, some pages from Chester will be on display at the Museum of Sex in New York this week! If you are in the neighborhood, drop on by!


There will be more stories to come for Chester, please Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your hats.


Well everyone, here it is, the NEW and IMPROVED robot porn comic previously known as Chester 5000!

This amazing sure fire success is the result of some comments from readers I’ve had over the past 2 years. Comments that suggested a female robot, comments that questioned hey, why not some text? I did some cold hard thinking and said hey, why not kill 2 birds with one stone!

You see, I am a business person and a business person takes RISKS. In this case I risked it all on some random comments from people who probably didn’t even think it over that much. After all it is now spring! Time of renewal! More specifically it is the 1st day of spring. Even more specifically it is April 1st.

Happy Flerting!

Chester Valentines, Scientist and Isabell paper dolls!

Hey everyone!

I’ve got some goodies up in my shop! First off there are some Chester Valentines I finally got off my ass and made this year!

You can buy them right here in my etsy shop:


I also went and made some Isabell and scientist paper dolls! You can make them do FILTHY things.

Here’s hoping you have someone filthy to share Valentines day with!


Chester 5000 book, coming August 2010!

SO, people have been asking me for a long time if there will be a Chester comic to purchase soon. I wanted to wait until things were more final before announcing this but now I am pleased to say…

Top Shelf comics will be publishing Chester 5000 in 2010!!!
AND Top Shelf will also be publishing my time travel memoir, We Can Fix It!!!


Sample: http://jessfink.com/junk/TTC_1.jpg

I’m so excited I can hardly contain my own bodily functions.

I’m ridiculously happy because Top Shelf has always been my favorite publisher. In high school I read whatever semi indie thing I could find at the comic shop, but when I got to comics college my Professor Tom Hart’s first book assignment to us was Craig Thompson’s Goodbye Chunky Rice (published by Top Shelf). It was a book that blew my mind completely away, it changed forever the way I looked at comics and how I wanted to make comics and it remains the closest a book can get to my heart.

I suppose it’s kind of silly to dream of being published in the age of web comics, but it’s something I have wanted since I first picked up a comic and somehow I couldn’t let that dream die. I’m so happy it’s going to have a home among some of my favorite authors and artists.

It’s been a really rough couple of years for me where nothing seemed to go right so this influx of good news all of a sudden has sort of held me in shock.

I’ve had a hard time talking about this with people because it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I don’t know how to express that without feeling like I am bragging! Maybe I’m just so used to complaining!

Anyway, if you want to check it out the books are listed in Top Shelf’s 2010 publishing schedule for August! EXCITE BIKE!!!


Tastefully done Calendar for 2009!!!

This is just a tiny sample from the Chester 5000 illustration I made for The Tastefully done calendar to benefit Cancer research!

Donate to a worthy cause and get a calendar with all your favorite webcomic stars in the buff!

You can buy it here:

Ok, Ok I KNOW you have already seen my characters MORE than nude, but really, isn’t NOT revealing something even more sexy?

This calendar is totally awesome and I would gladly associate my months with any of the semi nude cartoon characters therein.

A Halloween tale…

Hey guys!
No updates this week I am afraid, because I have been working on a special little sexy Halloween story for you! It’s my favorite Holiday, so I thought why not do a little something dirty to celebrate?

I did this story for the incredible SlipShine.net :

I can’t recommend SlipShine enough, there are a ton of great artists on there making very sexy comics.
The story itself is free to all those with Slipshine accounts and will be available in November.

However I will also be trying something new with this story, I’m putting it up for sale as a downloadable pdf file!
Chester will always be a free web comic, but I think every once and a while I may do a short story and offer it through pay pal. We’ll see how it goes!

It is a sexy, spooky, definitely NSFW 10 page story in black and white, it’s only $1.00 and you can buy it right here:

Some samples: here is the 1st page:

and here are some dirty sample panels for those of you who don’t mind little spoilers:

Once you complete the PayPal purchase I will email you the PDF file, enjoy!

Shirt news!

Hey guys, the Chester Tea Party shirt is now available in my MySoti shop!

Mysoti shirts are available in Alstyle, Bella baby doll, and American Apparel. I don’t want to sound like an add but I usually won’t buy ladies shirts unless it’s offered in American Apparel sizes, so I am happy about that!

The print quality itself is great, Mysoti does digital printing and I’ve been really satisfied with their work, I think you will be too!

What else…Oh, updates may be slow for a while, I am working on a sexy Halloween story that I’ll be trying a little something different with. Stay tuned!!

Chester Shirt?

Here’s a shirt I am thinking of printing up for Chester, based on a few suggestions I have received. What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing such a thing?
I’m thinking there are enough people who like tea in the world that this just might also be appealing to people who don’t read the comic.
I am probably going to do a foxy print on demand thing through MySoti right now and then buy some of my own for cons.

Chester 5000 Contest prize!!

This here is the prize for the Chester contest I held a couple months ago. It took me way longer than I thought it would to get stuff out to the winners.

At any rate, if you didn’t catch the contest the first time around the results are here:


Patrick AKA Vastia did an amazing comic and won himself the Grand Prize, a painting of him getting filthy with the Chester character of his choosing.

Luckily Patrick has a look that I thought really suited the time period well, I was pleased to paint such a charming and talented fellow!

Here is a filthy little story to go along with the illustration.


Patrick and Pricilla attended the same high school. It was a coed school but it was not considered proper for girls and boys to fraternize. Pricilla however, was not one to consider proper things. Every day before class she’d eye Partick amorously. Every day after school Patrick would ask if he could carry Pricilla’s books and walk her home, and every day she would refuse.
Partick was terribly confused. How to woo this girl? How to impress her? Did she just have a staring problem or was there something he was missing? Pricilla was a teacher’s helper and would often stay after class to help clean up and study. Knowing this Patrick decided to get himself in trouble in order to stay behind as well. He tried to talk to her but this only got him reprimanded further. After an hour of frustration, watching Pricilla and pondering the puzzle of what she wanted, Patrick was terribly frustrated. Upon his release he begrudgingly made his was towards the door when Pricilla stopped him. Out of the sight of the teacher she hid him in the faculty coat closet. She waited for the teacher to leave, convincing her she would stay behind and study. When finally they were alone Patrick asked once more if he could carry Pricilla’s books…this time she said yes.

But between you and me, that dude is not very good at carrying books.